Friday, September 16, 2011

My second half of August. =)

So... They say a picture says a thousand words.
Enjoy! =)


Their nervous face..

dennis n rachel =)

Meet Nobita from doraemon! =D haha. jkjk.
This is Kok Huah! =)

tey tey.. :)


Mariam.. She so pretty!

Us, waiting for our results!

Cherlyn aka tummy! she treat me like mei mei one.. haha..

ashman! one of my first few friends in a-lvls..

The cool Alyssa =)

The sweet michelle!

And then kok huah and joy followed rachel and i to timesquare.. and..

ahhhh! bought a new bag! i loveeeeee this baaaaag! it took me 2 hrs to decide whether i shud or shud not!

My awesome new shoes!

=D! nice kan nice kan?!

then at night, Yin kuen, Kim and I went to the famous Maybank Nasi lemak! =D

Thanks for the treat Yin kuenn! =))))

And bits and pieces of my scotch brite journey! =)

The truck we traveled in.

Jing hui,Suzanne,Me! :)

The awesome tmn connaught pasar malam night!

YK, Me, Sam!

meet jack! One of the first few people i knew in the company. from supervisor, he became a friend. =)


What an awesome journey.. =) i had loads of fun! i'm so blessed to have experienced such an amazing and fun journey!

And.. *drumrolls~!* let me introduce you to some new close friends!

First up, Meet Michael!
He has been a really really good friend to me.. And for some reason, the 3 times my car broke down, he was there with me. haha! ahhh.. God's blessing. =) first met him, because of work. later on, found out that we have quite a few mutual friends! what a small small world.. =) Super happy to have met also because He's not your ordinary guy! hahahahaa.. guess what?! He actually likes watching those love love chic flick enchanted rapunzel kinda movie weih! hahahahahahaa.. and like me, he thinks paying to scare urself in the cinema is quite.. *cough*. I shall not offend anyone.. =X =P and he is one of the few guy friends i know that actually shops like me! lololol.. i take HOURS to shop. i dont shop alot. but before i buy something, i'd make sure that i've the best bargain there is to be found before purchasing anything! so u can imagine how long i usually take to shop,when i do shop. =P So yup! really blessed to have met such a friend! I honestly feel like i've an amazing bunch of friends.. i really do. I never fail to feel blessed for all these amazing people in my Life.. =)
Secondly! Meet Chester! =)
I first met him in my college's prom last year! =) didn't really talk much then, but all i remember is that he danced funny. hahahaha! sorry chester. im sure u've improved.. =) u just somehow,left tht impression la! =X hahaa.. slowly slowly, got to know him more because of Kim. and we hung out more and more and more.. and u know what? He's such a nice guy and such a good friend la. =) im serioussss! hahaa he super caring and all.. Chester, if ur reading this, pls dont kembang ah.. Pui! =P but yeah la, he's one of the many friends that i really thank God for.. He's the kind of friend,  that is ever ready to help you,whenever he can. first person to have ever made mooncake for me too! hahahaa.. i dont like mooncakes actually.. but his one , nice la. =D! thanks for being there when we needed help chester! we really appreciate you. thanks for always being there. =)

And i think the whole world already knows you la Kim. i mean, who doesn't?! =) ;)

So yeah! i've been meeting quite alot of new friends recently, but i've become close to the 2 people up there lately. They're just so nice,so caring and such good friends! i wouldn't trade them for any other Hot guy, If there is one. Or will i? *wink wink!* Nyahahahahaha~! =PPPPP!

- Family Dinner! -

Ah sun Jie and Qu Ann jie jie !
Qu ann jie jie is my aunt's bestie. knew her since i ws a kid! she ws one of the Miss Malaysia last time! she super tall wei.. when i stand beside her i feel like a hobbit =S

Aiyoh so cute la! =)

Yap kar kit!


Yap Kar Joon! Kar kit's lil bro

I think i seriously have a talent in making babies pose with me! LOL!

Ahhhh.. Longan my love! =)!

My.. niece? hahaa..

My red lobster uncle! and Chivas not nice. Dislikes! so bitter.. taste weird.. =S

- CHC's 10th Anniversary and Building dedication! -

My CG last time when i went to CHC.. =)

Leena! =)

- Kim's 20th Birthday! @ Look Out Point! -

Baskin Robbin's Ice cream Cake! =)

A night and a view to remember. =)

- Merdeka Day = 31st = Baskin Robbins! -

Love him so much! =)))

but he let me smell his armpit! ISH! notty notty josh!

But i'll still love you la.. =))))

Sissy.. =)

this has been my busy busy August! and the start of my september was even more busy! 
but everything was worth it in the end.

Kim called me at 3am plus.. to tell me she reached London edy! when she called, all of a sudden, she felt so much closer again! Was so happy to hear her voice again.. =) And we texted a while. Suddenly feel as if she's back here in malaysia! hahahaa..

Aiyoh i miss her untill i'm having twin withdrawal symptoms la..
Yday i was so tired, right after college i straight away knock out all the way till 7pm. Halfway napping, lil bro called me. i dont even know how i answered his call. i was SOOO TIRED.!

B : Hey Kah May, Later can fetch me from tuition at 10pm?
Me: Ahhh.. okok i will tell kim..
B: tell kim? for what?
Me: kkkk.. i will tell kim..
B: Tell kim for what?! Ehh what are you talking about? where are you?!
Me: I'm at your place la..
B: your place? DUDE! what u mean? U mean you are at home isit? Oi you know who you talking to anot?! *got pissed* what you talking about man?!
Me: *suddenly realize it's my lil bro and not kim's bro* Ahh kk i will fetch u at 10pm. Why pa cant fetch u?
B: coz he cannot.. so ok ah?! u fetching me ah?
Me: Started mumbling some nonsense..
B: *super annoyed edy*
Me: ehh call me later la.. i just woke up i dont know what i'm talking about.. *using up all my energy just to talk*
B: *Hang up*

i thought i was napping in her house and she hasn't left malaysia yet.. hahaha. Funny la me.. xD

Anyways, HAPPY MALAYSIA DAY fellow Malaysians!
Despite how we have our different opinions about the political state in our country, I really do think that We should be really thankful to be a malaysian. =) I know i am. I wouldn't want to be born in any other country. Our weather sometimes super hot! but we have rain on an often basis as well. We dont have earthquakes all the time. And we dont have volcano disasters. We're just really fortunate and blessed! So try to Love our country a lil more? =P up to you. But i know i love my country. And hopefully, in future, i'd be able to make a difference, Somehow.


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