Friday, September 23, 2011

Do you really know for sure that You'd wake up tomorrow?

Randomness alert! but anyways hey people..
I just had a really really Long day.. a very tiring one..
but an interesting one i'd say.. anyways..
As i was driving home.. i suddenly started thinking alot..
Alot about Life. And how we easily take our lives for granted.
haha.. i know i've given tonnes of speeches in previous entries about how we take our lives and time on earth and time with loved ones for granted.. but here it is again! =P

Really. Sometimes, My imaginations can run wild.
As i was driving home, i had questions like..
What if i were to suddenly get into a terrible accident.. before being able to reach home?
What would happen? What if i survived but my mum and lil bro did not?
and what if it was the other way round? what if i did not survive the crash..
and the two of them survived it? What would they think?
What would my friends who said, "Bye! See u tmr! dont be late!" think or say?
How would they react?

I know the feeling. Because i've been in such situations before.
When i say, Alright! c ya tomorrow! =D or C ya on Monday!
but guess what? I never got the chance to do so..
I never saw them again after that last goodbye.
That shocked feeling. Like it was just yday when i last saw/talked to her/him.
Thats how fragile Life is. All of us go to sleep every night..
being So sure.. SO SO SURE.. that we will see them again.
I know we constantly hear the saying, Live everyday like it is your last.
But again, it is always easier said than done.
Sometimes we get too caught up in the routines of Life, we forget how fragile Life is.
How anything can happen, at anytime. We malaysians, for some reason, we have this attitude- "Oh dont worry it wont happen to me." We hear about all these news of bad things happening to people everywhere. But i guess not many of us actually thought of such happening to us. Maybe because we've been so blessed to have been saved from natural disasters and so on. Maybe thats why we feel safe. and we feel like earth quakes and tsunamis wont happen to us.

I never thought i'd ever get robbed. Not once. But i got robbed twice last year.
Until it happens to us, We'll never have the slightest thought of "What if that was me?"
maybe because, we all take our everyday life for granted so often.
Dont get me wrong, I'm not saying that you should try to put urself in every situation and live a life of fear and all. I'm just trying to encourage you guys to actually appreciate every single day, More.
Both Your Life, and Your Loved ones.
You never know what can happen in the next second,minute,hour,day.
Only God knows. and that is why, We should take everyday as a gift.
I dunno about you, but every night, I Thank God for giving me another day to live.
I guess, because of all that i've experienced in my life journey thus far..
I've come to learn to appreciate Life so much more.. =)
Though, i still have to work on how i end my day, sometimes, going to sleep with ill feelings.Going to sleep, angry,disappointed with someone. What if i dont get a chance to settle things with them tomorrow? Should i even take such chances? the famous " Oh i'll do that tomorrow. It can wait." Can it really?

haha.. so yeah. i've yet to work on that.
i admit that it is really hard. sometimes, it feels almost impossible to settle things before going to bed. You just feel like settling it all tomorrow and u just want to go sleep and not think about it. But i guess, thats another example of how we take the people around us and Life for granted.

I really thank God that i've not experienced such situations where i never get to make my peace with someone because of death, etc. i really do. But i really hope it doesn't happen in the coming future.

So yeah. one of my random thoughts again. =) Hope it was a good reminder to all of you.
I know it was a good reminder to me. =)

I came back really late today. Because my college had an event called the Fresher's Night. it was basically a berbonding time for all the students in my uni. also, to promote the New Law Society that is now up and running in my Uni. =) I met so many people today! so happy bout that! though, i met all sorts and types of people, and some, people with attitudes i thought was no longer present at this very age! but i guess i thought wrong. haha.. how shocking. Hmm.. So yup! it was good. But i've been feeling pretty sick the whole week. On the verge of falling sick. But i can tell that my body's immune system is really trying to fight fever. coz i keep getting slight fever's on and off. and the flu and sore throat has already got the better of me. haha. so yeah. need tonnes of rest! cant wait to see all the pictures that were taken tonight. =)


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