Thursday, April 23, 2009

Somethings Wrong with me!

Very sad today. SAD I TELL YOU. =(

nth to do with exams.

i had another dream..
it felt so real..
i dreamt that..

someone called me..
and told me tht my father had passed away.. coz he got a heart attack.. =(
then i told my grandma..and she asked me to call my mum to confirm tht..
incase it was a prank call..
according to my dream this was all before my family here went to JB for the family function which is this saturday... so i tried calling my mum.. but she didn't pick up.. so it showed a scence where we went to JB .. and found out tht it really happened................................

it felt so friggin real. aaaarhhhh... T_T...
then i woke up at 5am.. and saw 2 miss calls from my mum..
i was like WTH?!!!!!!!!!!! i immediately smsed her..
didn't call cz dun wanna disturb her sleep.. later she super tired in work..
aihs.. i felt so disturbed. =.=......

then after school...i looked for the english teacher tht asked me to participate in public speaking competition. i asked her abt saturday transport.. she say.. she wont be taking me coz she have MUET meeting so the afternoon session counsellor will be taking me and Avin. As morning session counsellor Pn.Kuik went to US for a week. so i looked for the teacher.. and the noon counsellor told me.. " Why i bring u? not pn.Munirah? :No, she has smth on. Where is the competition? : Sunway College. I got prefects camp to handle, Sorry. : Prefects camp got postponed. Wht? Why? hw u noe? :The head prefect is in my class. Hmm.. Can u ask ur parents to fetch u? : No.. they're in JB. plus my other family members will be going back to JB as well.. Then can u ask Avin's parents to fetch both of u? :........ok.

I told Pn.Munirah and she was shocked. so was i. wht kind of 'dedicated' teacher is this la. if the teacher does not take care why should we. PFFT. so anyways.. Pn.Munirah talked to her and she gave the same noob answers. then pn.munirah looked for the PK HEM. and i got a LOOOOOOOONG talked with her. and she said.. "If the teacher no car u take taxi with the teacher. the teacher can claim. But its better if ur friend's parents can fetch" .........SWTS. FIRST TIME IN MY PUBLIC SPEAKING YEARS or any competition for tht matter have a teacher shown this MUCH support. zzz. pn.munirah is okay.. so is pn.kuik. really supportive. ahh. Disappointed..lebih baik i go back JB and see my parents and family there. =(
was abt to go home.. and i saw eng thiam and may suet. told them abt wht just happened. zz. then pn.emelia called me.. there was 2 poppo standing there.. one of them is deaf and cant talk.. the other is fine.. and they spoke hokkien to me. =.=! nasib baik i know how to hear and speak a lil. if not GG case. thx to the "Yi Nan Wang"hokkien drama i watched last time. lawl. they were looking for a form 2 girl.. they din noe wht class she was in.. they wanted to look for her because her father passed away...............................................................

oh man. i was kinda suprised la. poor girl. a deaf and mute mum and nw she's fatherless. i felt shocked also coz it kinda reminded me of my dream.. so i walked the whole of form 2 with the help of eng thiam and may suet to look for this girl.. but we couldn't find her coz some of the classes went to science labs and stuffs.. so yeah. i'm really sorry i couldn't help! =( ....

when i got back.. i immediately called dad. no answer!
called sis. finally she called back and spoke to dad..

Dad: Hello, i'm not dead yet la!
Celine: ahhh.. my dream was so scary!!
Dad: but i almost got a heart attack yesterday ...
celine: how come?
Dad: felt sharp pains etccccccccccccccc...
Celine: =(........

I dunno wats wrong with me. urgh.
all these scary dreams. =(
Daddy please take care of ur health la.
u know how much i love u..
how much we all love u......
Go to the parks arh!
and we must go Club Med together as a family arh!
its one of my new year resolutions!

So yeah la.
aiyah today quite sucky larh.
I feel sad. coz of some reasons.
=( =( =( ....but i wont blog abt it. =(

i got addmaths tomorrow.

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