Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Nothing brings me down, When your around, Its like Zero Gravity.

Bout my Saturday, 4th April.
Had tuition as usual.. And after tuition.. stopped by the garden section and saw this really cute cactus! well.. its cute for me la. =P

Coz suddenly got one flower sticking out.. haha.. =)

When i was choosing the best one to buy.. A guy with a tray of sushi suddenly came up to me and offered me a sushi! haha. GUESS WHO?!

AH KHAI! aka Orang Besi ! hahahah.. An ex-form 5-ian tht is super talented in almost every sport! =) Hw nice seeing him again.. =D cht for a while and saw Kai Jie with him. Gosh, his lips were purple! =/ Sick.. =( poor guy. summore still went out just to teman ah khai. haha.. Neways.. later tht evening..

Went to rachel's hse for her birthday bash!
Chelsea and caleb met up at my hse and we went together..

Mua photography. x) random

we were super early.

Caleb. =D

Chelsea. xD i asked him to show teeth and.. =.=....

Awal-awal of the party i kena call out. =.= Thomas ( the dude in yellow) was spose to do some magic tricks. haha. and I and z birthday gal were the first victims. heh. THE FIRST TRICK SORTA FAILED. i've no idea wht he wanted to do larh. But i got wet. well, a lil. =.=

So the second trick, he took a can tht was cut in half, filled em with water, asked me to put it on my head. and turn around, snappping my fingers saying, "Water disappearing, Water Disappearing" lol.. When i was turning, i saw him drink the water from his can! =.= then i stopped wht i was doing. lol. and he went.. "No no no~! put it back on ur head.." So i did.. and then he said.. okay.. Now, Pour the water on ur head. =D i was like.. O.O seriously??? Then he say, Ok la i do for u..

Water disappeared. x) *applaaaaaause!* i've no idea hw it disappeared. x) but i seriously didn't feel the can any lighter. hmm.. *wonders*

18 liao.. =)

I ter-delete the one with smksb-ians. lazy to upload again. =P

Birthday Girl. =)

Chelsea. =)

Caleb. =)

=) they or rather chelsea attempted to throw me in z pool. or scare me or smth. x)

A new friend. Meet Michelle Saw Kooi Chin. =)

View from her hse

Do Re Mi. T_T

If you didn't realize, some of the pictures have better quality and looks nicer.. and some.. well.. look more.. low in quality. x) THATS COZ... mine is a compact and some of the other pics are from a DSLR NIKON dunno wht model. ahhhh.. i had a taste of the DSLR. and I didn't wanna give back the camera to the photographer! x)

Check out some of my photography. nyahaha.

Kooi Chin

test test~

I love this shot! =) The light and everything was just perfect. =D

And lastly, Mua.. =P
Man.. tht camera really cant use to camwhore one. x) ur hand vill break. xD nah la.. u just need two hands to handle tht baby. =P

Sunday. Palm Sunday.

Its Holy Week This Week.
Actually, reading those passages really made me teary. it never fails to touch me whenever i read em. it reminds me of what He went through and All He did just for us. For our lives. Easter is coming.. So is Good Friday. await z storm man. U noe.. He died for us, but most humans nowadays take our lives for granted. They live everyday being so sure tmr they will wake up again. that tmr they will be back doing the same routine again. They're so sure they're gonna see their family members or friends the next day they wake up. The fact is, most people nowadays live just for the sake of living life. As in, they live everyday hoping for time to pass by. Life is so fragile, yet we cease to realize the significance of it. Anyways..

It was also Rev.Peter's Birthday! =)

My teddy bear got a new friend. lol.. =.=

Not. =P its a gift for someone. =D

Candid shot by z photographer.
And I, Cant imagine, two worlds spinning apart
Come together Eventually.

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