Friday, April 03, 2009

P.E.A.C.E.F.U.L. :)


Today was another nice, bright, sunny day! nyahaha!
PEACEFUL day! =) Why? Coz the toot fella din come to school. =D
nyahahaha. ANYWAYS. let me make this clear la aiyo..

i'm happy not coz he cried.
i'm happy coz i got to let out all my frustration and bu xuang-ness to him.
in short, i'm happy coz i got to BLOW. =) awesome feeling. hehe.

Gossip oh gossip. this SMALL argument flew to the other classes and shooooooooo many people came and ask me wht happened yday. even ppl i'm nt close to. ALAMAK. like........ ???? swts. why does the world loves drama and fights and arguments rather than peace,love and kindness or fun or any good stuff?! GO TALK BOUT GOOD STUFF PEOPLE. Not bad! =P Like, the newspapers, some of em, most of the time highlights all the bad dramatic happenings rather than the good ones. and the Unsung Heroes. YA KNOW? get itttt?

Any-vaaays, mum's back from kuantan today!
would probably go meet her at her hotel b4 she gets back to JB tmr. =D
and oh yesssssssh, i ALMOST got to go for the DAVID ARCHULETA concert on 11th April! coz boon sin invited me to go with him and wanted to belanja me. =) but poor boy, he went all the way by cab and couldn't get no tickets. SOLD OUT. haa. he's still trying to get em tickets today, calling here and there. If tak jadi nvm lerh! theres more in future. NO WORRIES. =D

ya know, theres gonna be sooooooooooo MANY BIRTHDAYS this month. and the saddest part is that i'm financially dry! so i cant get some of y'all prezzies. HARAP MAAF! =/

Today is Rachel's birthday..
see u on sat. ;)

Alrighty. i needa go for chemistry tuition nw. =)
Nyah, i dread taking the bus. PFFT.
Goodbye Darlings! xoxo

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