Friday, April 03, 2009



i waited for the bus...
waited..and waited.. and waited..
suddenly i heard someone go *Muacks* actually not muacks la.. u noe those kissing sound they do to call someone or wanna pikat girls? yeh, tht kind. haha..
then i looked.. i saw Wai King,Parkson and Li Hooi in a white wira! so i waved.. and they waved.. tiba-tiba they u-turned and stopped infront of the bus stop..

Li Hooi: Hey! where u going?!
Parkson: U FFK ME!!
Celine: I where got FFK U?! *explains smth tht happened earlier on* I going tuition.. =(
Li Hooi: Where?
Celine: Kasturi. Near Jusco.
Li Hooi,Parkson,Wai King: *discuss smth*
Li Hooi: Eh, Come! =)
Celine: Huh? where u'all going?
Li Hooi: We fetch u! =)
Celine: *THANK U GOD!* Wheee~!

So they were looking for a place to eat..
they went Desa Parkcity but too ex.. so they came back to sri sinar.. but saw me.. so they drove me all the way to jusco and ate there and teman-ed me for an hour!. Awwwwwww~! =) =) =)!! How nice of them! ahhh~! ^^ they're form 5.. but went to remove.. so their 18 this year. =D Ahh! i so wanna drive! =/ So they ate at KFC and belanja-ed me a drink tho i said i didn't want any! =) THANKS ALOT YOU GUYS! ahh.. u dunno how much lil stuffs like this means to me! u guys really really made my day. =) x) i told them abt yesterday's incident and they went like..

"WTH?! Why din tell us?! we go help u mar!" x)

Parkson: Next time he bully u, make sure u tell us k?! We'll go give him a good lesson on treating people nicely. *shows pinky finger* =)

And stuffs like that.. =)........! I SERIOUSLY LOVE MY FRIENDS!!
AND FAMILY MEMBERS TOO! =) i'm so blessed. truly am. =)...!
cant stop smilling. hahaha.. =P

So the one hour passed super fast and i had to go for tuition. =/
Time flies when ur havin fun! ^^ And guess wht?! tuition ended so fast today! i actually enjoyed the class alot! tho my teacher was pretty pissed.. dunno why. =/ bad day? haaa.. before i knew it, class was over! went out and, it was raining cats and dogs!!! first thought that crossed my mind. *Nooooooooooo~~! i'm gonna get soaked. =( and wait for the bus and its wet wet wet!* Then i took out my phone to unsilent it and i saw an sms!

Benson: Hey. i'm fetching you.

i was like.. O.O OMGGGGG YAAAAAAAAAAY~!!!!!!!!! ^.^ ^.^ ^.^!! =) =)!! =D!

And Grandma was super duper nice to me today! :)
I mean. nt like she torture me everyday or stuffs like tht la.. But she din scold me or blame me for anything at all today! =) yayyy..
And she like.. just super nice to me la!

Celine: Amma, Its gonna rain!
Amma: No it isn't. Its so hot! (yeah it was burning hot)
Celine: *while bringing in the clothes* No! its gonna rain!
Amma: Where got.. so hot...

Then after a while it started raining like crazy!
When she talking to the at the back neighbour she said stuffs like this..

Neighbour: Aiyo.. so hot suddenly rain!
Amma: yeah la. "Ngo geh Kah May (My Kah May in Canto) said it was gonna rain" *laughs*
Celine: *when washing the plates i heard* See! told cha!
Amma: Panai la.. =) (clever in canto)

Ahhhhhhhhhh! i felt so happy when she said "Ngo Geh Kah May" coz she usually only use tht for some of my cousins and benson. =)

Amma: wah! raining so heavily but the sun is up!
Celine: yeah lor! if u kena this kind of rain sure sick de!
Amma: So clever arh.. Who teach u one?
Celine: You Lorh! =)

stuffs like this really makes me happy. =) ahhhh... =))))

So yesh.that was my day so far. ahhh.. *Thaaaaaaaaaaaank you Lord!!!* =) i am SO HAAAPAAAAYYY! LOVE LOVE LOVE TODAY. =)

.She is ZUPER ZUPER happy!. =D


  1. hahaha
    i'm so glad you're happy today.
    and i think you got a point.
    why do people always talk about bad things, instead of the good ones?

    we should make it a habit to say good things more often!