Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Tulis satu ayat daripada perkataan di bawah supaya jelas menunjukkan maksudnya. bla bla bla.....

(i) iltizam
(ii) ikhlas
(iii) ilham
(iv) takziah
(v) tarbiah
(vi) takwim

omggggggg alienated words! x) i could only do ikhlas and ilham! and me.. being somone who cant leave my paper blank.. i tembak!!

(i) iltizam: coz it sounds abit like azam.. i wrote..
= Untuk berjaya dalam kehidupan, setiap individu harus ada iltizam smth smth..

(iv) Takziah: It sounded SO FAMILIAR! but i couldn't rmb wht! OH MAAN.
= Takziah Sultan mesti patik tunaikan.

After i found out the meaning i'm like OH-EM-GEEEEE???! and everyone LOL-ed. Sniffx.

(v) Tarbiah: Coz it sounds like tabiat..
= Suku Kadazan selalu membuat tarian smth smth kerana ia merupakan tarbiah mereka.

WTHHHHHHH... T_T_T_T_T_T_T! nope still dunno the meaning. x)

(vi) Takwim: AGAIN. it sounded super familiar but. but... T_T
= Takwim agama Islam di negara Malaysia selalu diamalkan oleh penganut agama Islam.
( at this point, my brain was so dry to even tembak nicely edy.)

Omggggggggggggg.. when i found out the meaning.. T_T..
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh... the crap i wrote.. embarassing!! =(
My BM teacher is gonna have a moment of laughter. T_T...
This shows how BAD my vocabulary in BM is!

i can speak perfect BM. but.. these kinda words.. i have no clue of.. HELP SOMEBODY!!! *drowning here* :( yaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrhhhhhh.

When i was walking home with Jian, we saw a tree.. tht.. er.. kena .. kena... blown by the storm.. ERRR... i cant thinkkkkkkkk! Wht word do u use to describe a tree tht is.. no longer stuck on the ground..??!!! like.. it .. it... ahhh nvm!! Anyways... the tree was.. leaning on my school wall and not on the road..

Celine: Wah.. the tree.. =.=... *points*
Jian: Should've been blown by the storm yesterday..
Celine: hmm... lol.. if it got blown on this side of the road when i was walking to school or back..
Jian: Then the tree will drop on ur FEET! bwahahahhahahahaha!
Celine: =.=!!! u and benson ar! same onlyyy! when i tell u both my dream u'all laughhhhhh like crazie..
Jian: Its funny!!
Celine: No its not! even ppl in my blog agreed its scary!
Jian: *laughing* No larh.. its the way u told me ur dream..Ur facial expression and the way u say it is funny..
Celine: =.=.........! thts exactly wht benson said.

kedua-dua orang ni! pffffft!

yesterday when me and benson was debating on who should bathe first.. *actually i should've bathe first! coz filled the water! Urgh! benson menceroboh!*

Celine: Go la.. i fill the water one larrrrhhh....
Benson: *pours warm water on my leg*
Celine: ........ wht u doing la?
Benson: U should take care of ur FEET... =)))
Celine:.......... Gooooooooooo! i wanna batheeeeeee!
Benson: *still pouring water on my Feet* Treasure ur feet, take good care of it.. =D

swwwwwwwwwtsss! jaaahaaat! x) in the end he.. bathe first. teruk laaa.. and i ended up bathing late yday.. coz benroy came back from school and bathe.. then grandma.. YAAAAAAAAAAWWRRRHHHHH!

tests still on! public speaking competition nearing! and i've not been practising! =X
Anyways, I Gotta eat.! din eat in school today. =PP!


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