Tuesday, April 21, 2009



Okay. Sorry for my randomness but but but...
I had a super FREAKY DREAM! =/ Nightmare i would call it!
Here it goes:

I was back at my JB school.. where i'd always cross the road to take the Mini Bus back home.. but the thing is, the friends tht were with me weren't my JB mates but my KL schoolmates! yesh.. People like Chi wing, Jian,Lyn,Leb,Jia Yi, Kok Sime and etccc~~ and so i saw days.. of me in school with them. and going back and all.. then one fine day.. as i was crossing the road.. I GOT HIT BY A CAR! OMG! but thats not the freakiest part! okay so.. i actually saw myself get hit by car. its as if i were watching a movie. Get it? so.. next scene, i was in the hospital.. i saw the doctors pushing "Me" out of the operation theatre.. i looked scarred.. with stitches on my head and face.. unconcious.. and they pushed me into a room where my mum.. and one friend dunno who.. cant rmb who.. but it was a guy in prefect uniform.. botm mum and him were in tht room.. then suddenly i saw the most freakiest thing ever!!! i looked at the bottom of my leg.. and.. and.. it was ROUND! there was no feet! no foot! no nth! the end of my leg was ROUND and..and.. i saw stitches on it.. and a lil blood still stained .. OH-EM-GEE! Can u imagine the shock u'd get looking at ur own leg without any FEET?!!! Plus imma dance freak! MY FEET AND HANDS! FEET ESPECIALLY! Their like .. my.. SUPER PRECIOUS ASSETS!! so suddenly.. i became the person in the dream.. (so instead of watching a movie.. i'm now. IN the movie.. ) So i woke up.. and saw my mum.. but she wasnt.. crying or any of tht sort. she was.. STEADY... so was i when i woke.. i could move my legs. but it felt.. Lighter.. and... weird.. =/ I looked under the blanket and saw the round ends of my leg. with NO FEET! again, i was shock.. and.. oh boy did i have a terrible terrible feeling!

Celine: OMG! wheres my feet?!! *Panicking like shyt*
*both mum and friend keeps silent*
Celine: *fiddling with my leg* *tried to make my leg stand.. but the feeling was just.. NOT THE SAME! my leg couldn't stay still.. it instead turned around or drop as if a person standing on a ball*
Mum: Sigh.. what a waste.. ur still so young.. and u don't have any feet anymore..


Omg..... i seriously felt the horror in real life okay. i was seriously freaked out.. omgggggg.. T_T... so scaryyyyyyyy! aaaaaaah! the feeling was TERRIBLE.. terrible i tell u! i actually felt the feeling.. of a person tht would never EVER walk again.. a person who'd never dance.. never run.. and never anything! i'm serious. it felt as if my whole life came crashing down! OMG. STRESS I TELL YOU! i'm not sure.. but.. i think i felt.. hw those kids.. or anyone for tht matter.. how they felt when they lost.. an arm.. or their legs.. =( ....


When i woke up.. i seriously.. felt.. freaked out.. =.= ... it made me treasure and love my feet even more! the dream felt so real. so so real. I started to think.. "What if this wasn't a dream" and all the What ifs. When i was walking to and back from school.. i was SUPER CAREFUL when i crossed the road or any of tht sort..

this dream actually made me realize how precious and how important our feet are! not like i didn't appreciate my feet b4.. But.. u see.. We all go to sleep.. being so sure we will WALK again tomorrow.. Being so SURE.. we'll have our hands.. to do.. wht we always do everyday.. being so sure we'll be repeating the same old routine the next morning.. WE KEEP TAKING THINGS FOR GRANTED! so often tht we forget the significance of lil stuffs in our everday lifes tht actually plays a BIG ROLE in our lives.. Dont you agree? If u felt wht i felt this morning..You'd understand.. and seriously treasure and appreciate all these lil things in life. I hope this dream of mine tht i shared with you actually open your eyes! coz it opened mine!

Not everyone in this world is so fortunate.. to have hands and legs..There are idunnohowmany people out there without hands and legs and yet.. still living everyday to the fullest. So how are WE.. people who are totally perfect and beautiful living our daily lifes? THINK ABOUT IT. =)

- Every little thing in Life Counts-

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  1. I pray this meaningful sharing touch Benson. He is not appreciating the opportunity he has got until its too late. What is the point of regretting when it is too late? Why not seize the day and make good use of the opportunities? Make every day count, make every opportunity blossom. In whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as for God not men.