Monday, April 06, 2009

Whats The Big Deal?

Whats the big deal huh people?
Hw long more u wanna linger on the stupid window incident?
Still tak puas isit?
wat more u want? wats so happening bout tht incident?
its not like i murdered him or something right.
or its not like he commited suicide after tht incident.

wht imature-ness of 'certain' ppl like "XxxX" tht didn't dare to reveal oneself to spam Crap at my chatter box. Wanna talk, TALK LIKE A MAN. What for use all those swearing and cursing? come, KING. king ho ho. swear swear swear. Zzz..

This problem was between me and him right. Me and Him also not arguing about anything edy. not like we're killing each other in school. So masih ada apa hal? Dunno the whole story dont jump to conclusions. There is more than what meets the eye. DUN SO KEPO and gossip here, gossip there like some aunty in the morning market.


just so u noe, i laughed as i read my chatter box.
ur swearing and cursing does no harm to me.
so stop polluting my blog with FILTHY words.

TQ very much

Ps: dun like wht u read dun read la. Not happy go open ur own blog and blog and curse me all u want la. Again, LIKE I CARE. Pfft.


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