Monday, July 04, 2011

Things happen,Mostly without Expectations.

READERS! =) i'm sorry some entries may not make sense..
but i guess my Blog is mostly a place where i'd one day come back to, and scroll through..
to get a recap of how my life has been.. what has happened and all.

i cant believe my last entry was like wht? 24 JUNE! hahaha..
so long ago..I've been so busy! im serioussss..
like no time to even repay the outings i owe tonnes of people.
Reasons why, Mainly, coz i've been working.
So this is wht happened.

I was working with a former company i once worked for.
They offered me to work in the office with them instead of promoting.
and to supervise sometimes.. but after much thought, i decided to stay as a promoter.
Believe me, i REALLY had a detailed thought about it..
many benefits, yet many disadvantages as well.
so i decided to just sign a one month contract with them.
So for the whole month of July, I'd be going on a Roadshow for Klenix Wipes.
So in June, I was selling 3M products as well as P &G products..
the 3 days 3M event really took its toll on me..
by the end of the 2nd day.. i had begin to lose my voice.
and by the last day, i fell sick.. slight fever plus no voice.
On saturday i had a really crazy class with Celica..

he taught me the Dolphin dive and asked me to do push-ups on handstand which i totally failed to achieve and also the famous.. "Worm" hahaa..which caused both my elbow skins to be peeled off! but hey, no pain no gain right? =)

so yes,all of tht.. Sum up together, made me fall sick. haha..
i've a flu cough sore throat and body feeling very heaty. but no fever. Thank God for that. =)
My family members have been very caring! and i feel so blessed coz of that.. =)))
Like how my mum and dad are very concern about me being all sick plus super tired.. always asking me drink water la..go sleep la.. hahaha all those typical things lah. and my aunt making me drink those Wong Lo Kat. supe bitter stuffs. and my grandma boiled Kuk-Fa for me today! =) i feel so loved kay!

Its like, today was my first day on the Klenix wipes roadshow..and after a pretty tiring day, plus the fact that i'm not well.. came home, grandma cooked my favourite dish and boiled Kuk-Fa for me.. i feel like.. =') ! plus i had a pretty good time at work today.. =) so much better than the 3M event! that was crazily tiring. stood for 11 hours for 3 days! crazy or wht?! haha.. so was pretty chilled. and lately, coz of work i've been meeting new friends! and some of em have been really nice to me..

i feel..

so blessed. :)

till next time!
i shud really go get my rest nw. have to work tmr.
plus! i'm not really in the right shape of health atm.
so Goodnight!


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