Saturday, July 09, 2011

Pictures Promised. =)

So! if you know me or if you have been a loyal reader, you'd know that i take TONNES of pictures! =) hahaha.. i mean like, whats not to love about em ?! =))) so since theres heap loads of pictures, I shall let em do the talking. ;)

So here we are, all the way back to March,the 1st!
Since Derek was born on the 29th of Feb, and with there being no 29 in the calender this year, we celebrated his Birthday on the 1st! =)

Had a great time.. =)

AND i got myself new shoes.. haha.. =D

Dinner at Craft and Brews!

I love you mummy! =)))

March 18th. Went back to JB to celebrate Josh's 2nd Birthday! =)
And i finally FINALLY got to meet up with Eunice after AGES!

hahaha.. and guess what happened? when we were at KSL city, someone called Bryan Yong Wei Min shouted CELINE! WTF?! literally wtf. =.=! a nice hello would've been nicer.. hahaha.. but my bad. i didn't tell him i was in JB coz ... i had limited time and so i had to choose the ppl i go out with and since Eunice booked me ages ago.. hehee.. =D so yeah! what coincidence! he was working there.. and suddenly saw me.. hahaha then he started to merajuk la say i didn't tell him i was back. =P

hahaha.. oh bryann.. =P

Dislikes shirt!

I love you May Hsia.. =) so glad we could finally hang out.. missed u so much!

So we had lunch with Bryan.. and then Mei and I went window shoppin ;)!

Pretty Pretty Mei. =)

And She finally met Joshua! hahaha.. he likes her! =D

See that smile? =) cuteness!

So we chilled a while in the shop bryan worked.. and promised to go out with him after dinner.. =)

Joshua and his new car =)) how blessed! i wanted one of these when i was young!

The usual TGIF =) too bad no Chillies in JB. =P

Birthday boy asleep!

haha.. i loveee looking at him when he baru bangun from tido.. =) super cute!

Hahahahah! i recalled Joshua scolding his mum and benroy for stealing his 'cake' away. xD!


hahahaa cuteeeeeeeeee lahhhh !

LOL look at Josh!

So after the dinner, karyn tagged along! =)

Ahhh i noe i noe..i look so small beside them..

it was suppose to be a K and a C. hahahahaha..

Lookin Good with my handbag bryan! =P

Then we went Yam Cha.. but sadly karyn had to go home edy.. =(

Us at Zoro.. hahaha gempak right the name? x)

We had lunch the next day with my dad's.. friend? 20 yrs ago.. whoa. =)

Me and my awesome angle! =D

And Joshua met some new friends.. =)

Durian Buffet at SS2! =))

Joshua's and mine. haha..

Guess which is mine? =)


And the long delayed lunch with dear En Ai =)))

Thanks for the superb lunch En Ai! =)

Nose fashion show.. was waiting for Aaron to pick me up. haha... guess where we went? =D

IKEA meatballs!

Then we bumped into Qian and her friend whle we were playing pool.. =)

Thanks for the Shades.. :))

And again, Dinner at Craft and Brews =)! with family..
My pretty mummy =)))

My prezzie for JoMie!

Happy Birthday JoMie! =))) the cutest couple i've met. love u both loads!

Owhhh My loveeeeee! :)))) chilis mash potato!

Candid shot of me playing the awesomeee brick game! =D haha..was in college. =P


Mushroom Cheese Omelette! =D

In may over one weekend, was working at a Mum and Baby fair in Mid Valley. so i stayed over at Cherlyn's place =)

So not like me!

April 14th. Wht a day.. towed the car all the way to Batu Caves. thanks for being with me dear twin,Kok huah and For the help Joseph! =) Appreciate it loads!

Thanks for the ride that day Kok Sime.. thanks for fetching me =))

And oh ya! we've been having some rat problems, so benroy became an expert in catching em.. hahaa.. k la not ALOT. around 4? =D

BAC movie day! =) Pirates of the Carriebean! however u spell it.. hahaa..
This is Chester btw.. =D

One of the nights when i was studying business.. of the torture! so glad its over now =)))

One sunday in June!

Love this dress! and the price i got it for? ur jaw will drop ;) hahaha..

Lil bro sudd came out wearing purple too.. =.=

Baby brotherrrrr ! =D

And remember the crazy day i told u about before i headed to Sabah?
Well this was the time when i rushed home, ate dinner in 5 mins, fly to JB to send Joshua back to JB coz he was staying wit us in KL for 3 days. Finally got to meet my Niece.. and visit sis in the confinement centre. =)

Maegan Tan Yan Zhen! =)

The minute he saw his mum, he looked for her phone and took a photo of her in that position! HAHAHA... SO GAYA WEIH! ;)


Awww.. Joshua.. ur a korkor now =')

So right after holding Maegan and all.. we left after 45 minutes and rushed back to KL. reached KL at 5am, i packed for 6 days trip in 20 minutes and we flew to KL Sentral to take the bus to the Airport. HAHA. crazy day alright.. was so exhausted. but the journey was worth it. =)

OH! and i also finally got to play paintball! what an experience! =) shall blog about it soon together with the Sabah trip pictures. till then!

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