Friday, July 29, 2011



Its my 3rd day on the 7days fruit strike!
so far, its been going pretty alright.
i dont feel like im suffering or any of that sort.
in fact! i dont feel it, till i can even forget that im on a fruit strike!
HAHAAH! So i'll suggest stuffs like, lets go pasar mlm! choc soya ball!
then i'll rmb.. oh yeaaaaah! fruit strike! HAHA. haihss..
but the only thing was that yday, i felt really weird.
Apparently my body was going through a whole lot of detoxification.
so thats why i felt the way i felt. but i'm much better today. =)

ANYWAYS! reason for my blog title. LOL.!
i know it may sound disgusting or gross to some of you la..
but i actually find it really funny lah.. cant stop laughing about it when i think back.
hahahaa.. so just now, i had papaya for dinner.. i decided to just cut the papaya into half..
and eat half of the papaya with a spoon.. lazy to cut nice nice. =P
as i was eating the papaya, tiba - tiba ! i ter-make a hole! my spoon accidentally dug too far in till the skin tore. xD and suddenly! all the papaya water started flowing out ! spilled all over me and the chair.. i became super kan-ciong and ran to the toilet going " Ahhhhh~~~~~~~~~~~~~!" super high pitched! HAHA. then guess what happened?! i ended up eating and finishing the papaya in the toilet over the sink. HAHAHAHAHAA... halfway eating, i just kept laughing at myself. ahhh... *smacks forhead* =.=! hahahahahaa... aiyohhh cykm oh cykm.. Ur such a joker la. hahahahahaha... but so gross la.. finished my dinner in the toilet. =.=! LOL.

so anyways, hope that made u smile or laugh. =D
laugh at the sillyness of I. xD

AND OH! i finally went swimming today. AFTER SO LONG!
swam at 3K. so niceeee. =)
and and and and and! i'll blog about KLCC's park soon!
its HUGE! finally got to explore the whole park yday.
and its soo niceeeeee! cant wait to go back with a camera. =)

till till next time.




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