Wednesday, July 13, 2011


hahaha.. hey hey.

work has been pretty alright as usual. i kinda love my Job. =)
what i wanted to blog about was these two things that have been on my mind.
the whole day!

I watched Eat.Love.Pray yday, and one particular line got stuck in my head.
there was one part where the guy told Julia Roberts..

" Dont you want to give Me a chance to Miss You..? "

WAH. i dunno why.. but that line really hit me.. O.O
it sounds like quite ok at first.. but if you actually think about it right..
Maaaann... that is soooooo hurtful weih. T_T
then i actually tried putting myself in Her shoes.. what if someone said that to me?
someone dearly loved, someone whom u thought you were doing nothing but pouring all your heart and love to.. and suddenly one day, turns around and says that phrase to you. *Praaaangggg~!* heart broken !

and anyways that phrase got me thinking about a whole load of other things.
you know, how sometimes the mind can wander..

and another thing i've been thinking about concerns the word, Study.
Not your books, not your education stuffs.. but Ur partner.

Do you realize how many people who get together or get married.. somehow tends to stop studying their partner the minute they've already tied the knot or u know, get into a relationship?

but during the chase, u study that particular person all the time, day and night, trying to find out more and more about that person. but what happens when you've finally got them? what happens when you've finally achieved, whatever goal you've set?

Honestly? i dont think you will ever be able to completely know a person.
or TOTALLY KNOW EVERY SINGLE THING about a person no matter how close.
or how well u think u know em. truth is, as time goes by, people keeps on changing.
and when you stop studying them, what happens? sooner or later, they'll feel like you no longer understand them like you used to. then all the common topics of arguments start arising and yada yada yada.

So i guess, its really important to keep on studying ur partner, to keep on learning about them day by day, and i guess you'll be surprise to find out things you never knew existed. =)

haha so yeah, just wanted to put down these thoughts.
who knows, this may actually help me one day, in the future when i look back to the 19 year old me. =)

oh and btw! i just had a superb time with Mar. super short hangout, nevertheless! still did tonnes of catching up,went to desa park city.. and guess what? i drove her antique car back to my house.. hahaha SO COOL! but difficult to drive.. the side mirrors are round and they're like.. on the hood.. weird much! but nevertheless, cool! =) she forced me to drive it back home. rawr! hahaha.. love u loads mar!

i'm seriously blessed by all the amazing people i have around me. Seriously.
and i am SO SO SO sorry if i have not been able to catch up/meet up with you!
i've been super busy but i'm really trying to cover my hang out debts one by one! haha..
please bare with me ! sorry if i've not made much time for you. i hope you understand.
AND LOL.! Matthew John Waters, you really made me laugh la today!

guess what happened? we've been meaning to catch up and update each other.
but we're just never online at the same time.. Ohh ya He's a friend from Aussie. =D
so anyways, i was online in fb and msn.. but i was away watching Movies..
so i didn't know if anyone msged me , etc. guess what he did?! LOL!
He smsed me! and said.. " If ur online and at your computer go back to fb now! " HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! I didn't know it was his number at first..but definitely knew it was from overseas.. true enough it was Him. hahahaa.. and i saw msges like CELINEEEEEE KAH MAAYYYY! dont u go semi-online to me! LMAO!

how can i NOT smile with such friends around me?
you tell me how la? hahhhah.. ahhh love all of you so much. seriously.
Thank You, for giving me a reason to Smile.


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