Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fruit Strike.! =)

bet cha tot it was vegetable now didn't cha? =P ;)

So yes! like the title of this entry. Starting 26th July 2011, 12am. I'll be going on a fruit strike for 7 days.

Like me, im sure u'd question if it was healthy, safe, and yada yada.
i asked the same questions. and did my research.
to my suprise, we humans could actually survive solely on fruits!
why so? depending on which fruits u eat,
u can actually derive energy,protein,fiber,sugar,water and the vitamins!
few fruits also have fat contents. =)

so yup! dont you worry about my health being at risk!
i have done my research and everything.. so thats why i decided to go for it!
sides, its only for 7days. =)


Did u know that it is actually really healthy to eat only fruits before noon?because when u sleep,ur body detoxifies the most up till noon. :)

our body detoxifies throughout the day. But it is at its most when we are sleeping at night all the way up till noon! and so we should therefore eat fruits only before noon. =)
its so fun to find out these things. so interesting larh! =D hahahaa.. i feel like some nutrition genius when i'm explaining this to some ppl on fb.. hahahaa.. so cool right? =PPPPP

and and and! i finished work early today! FINALYYYYY got to be home when its still bright! its been a while.. =) coz we started work at 6.30am today. so it was quite crazy. crazy early! so thts why ended early also. =) so guess wht?! i managed to go joggingggg! =D =D =D! ITS BEEN SO LONG SINCE! decided to take on the Merentas desa route! =) last time i ran tht route was when i was 17. hahaaa.. AND GUESS WHAT?! I IMPROVE EDY LEH! hehe.. =)))))) the places or distance i'd usually pancit ..today, i did not! i went much much further than last time before i actually stopped. haha so yea la..i did stop. around 4 times to catch my breath for a few secs and then continued on. darn, next time i'll try to run the whole route without stopping. hahaa so fail la. i told myself im not gonna stop. but i did in the end. rawr.! but anyways glad lil bro was with me.. hahaha.. he kept pusshing me till i finished the whole thing. whenever he saw me slowing down, he'd go.. 'DONT STOP! KEEP RUNINGGG!' smth like tht. hahaa.. Thanks B! =)

and today as well, i said No. to someone. its been long since i said No to a request or favor.
i had my reasons. tho, being me, i almost gave up trying to say No. =.=! im such a softie. aihs.. but im glad i stood strong this time. and firm.

so yesh! FRUIT STRIKE! 7 DAYS!
EAT + DRINK. fruity stuffs and fruity stuffs alone!
Let me noe if any of you choose to join me yeah!
i'll support u morally! =D we can support each other morally.
hahaha.. Loves! =)


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