Monday, July 18, 2011

Work. =)

Heyyy.. =)

Last week flew by like no ones business!
And before i knew it.. these two lovelies had to go back to US already..

was pretty bumped out on the 12th because both the two of them and another friend would be leaving Msia and i was working, so i couldn't see them before they left.. BUT GUESS WHAT?! during one of my breaks that day, i bumped into the two of them! so i got to say goodbye in person in the end.. =) was so happy about tht!

And on Tuesday night, Marilyn came to pick me up in her new antique car! hahah..

I drove this baby back home. =D!

it wasn't easy tho.. CHECK OUT THE SIDE MIRRORS! super hard to use weih.. hahaa..

Toyota Starlet. =)

Had a really good time with Mar.. short hangout, again. But we definitely caught up alright! hahaha.. was good =) had our girl talk session. =P!

So anyways, i think its time i introduced you to the team i work with,no? =)
Meet Michael! =)

Our team leader... who.. LOL. Who just msged me and told me he locked the kleenex truck's keys in the ignition and locked the doors! HAHA! on the last day of work before he start his super long hollie. HAHA. champion la you. :)
Meet Kim Lun! =)

The guy who told me that he'd push away/ dodge any hug should it come his way. xD super tall guy. i feel like a xiao hai zhe when i stand beside him. x)

Joker.. hahahaa.. Haizzz =P

Meet Peng Yew!

Apparently, he has been my friend on FB since April 2009. wow?! LOL. i accepted his request thinking he was my highschool mate. =.= but look at us now? working together after 2 years. hahaa.. 

ceh. LOOK so rajin. xP

The samples we give out. =D

Meet Ong !

Super friendly, innocent, hard working, and totally reminds me of Boon Sin! their character, everything.. hahaa.. except looks la. Michael calls him our MVP. Most Valuable Promoter. =D

Ohh we look so tireddddd.... eyebagssss.. ! 

The Team. =)

Meet Janet! =)

The super cool cool kinda person. Never seen her lose her cool. and she's kinda quiet.  But who knows , she may just be the total opposite of quiet if i get to know her btr. =)

Finally, Meet Zane! =)

Our team leader as well. First impression? cool cool kinda as well. turns out, super like to kacau people kinda person. hahaaha.. or rather, Very fun to kacau him. xD and he super puteri lilin lorh! ish.. kim lun also. =.=!

So if ur wondering why i'm becoming more and more tanned, its cause my job requires me to stand under the sun most of the time. Thats a picture of us, doing some short quiz session with the kids about cleanliness and hygiene. =) thats outside the school..

This is me, doing the same thing but inside the school.. infront of the whole afternoon session. haha.. reminds me of the old days when i was head prefect in primary.. always leading the assemblies. LOL. tht was then.

Approaching parents waiting for their kids to finish school.. getting some surveys done.

The initial team. =)

Me in the classrooms. haha. yup, some schools, we go class to class.

So yup. this is a glimpse of what i've been doing. =D


On thursday, Mum tempted me to go shopping la! hahaha.. she reserved a purple jeans from PADINI in IPC  coz it was on Sale and she thought it was very nice. So after work, i went and cuba the jeans. and its actually nice! =D hahahaa.. i know i like purple but i never imagine me wearing a purple jeans before. plus it was real comfy so i bought it =P ahhh all my purple haters..*i dont even know why people dont seem to like me liking purple* hahahaa.. ITS NICE LA. SHH. GO AWAY. hahahaa.. =P

Then i couldn't tahan.. and started looking at all the statement tees.. and oh ya! guess who i dragged along? Nyahahahaa.. Yin Kuen! HE CAN SHOP LORH! seriously.. hahaha.. he is like.. the 3rd guy i ever shopped with. anyways! there were so many nice statement tees and they were all so cheaaapppppp! and and and i was complaining that all the guy's statement tees always nicer than girl's punya. untill i found this! In real life the colour nicer la. soweee my phone doesn't do this shirt justice. but super nice lorh! its dark purple, plus.. yeah whtever it looks like in the picture. heh. =D!

And we Nocturnal people found the right shirt that perfectly suits our oh-so-bad-habits of sleeping super late.  =PPPP! at first i saw the guy's one and i thought it was really nice! untill i saw the girl's one! triumphs over the guy's one wei! =D! suddenly the guy's one became Nyeh- Soso. hahahaha..
I love checkered shirts! <3

After padini and Brand's outlet session on thurs,
i couldn't help but drool even more over checkered shirts! ahhh.. too bad its kinda pricy. =( ahh well.. i'm sure i'll find a good deal one day. =D just you wait! haha..really liked the one in the picture above..

A coat/blazer? i tried on sat. =P i should really get myself one of these formal coats. i'll be needing em soon. hahaa.. i think. whtever la.. now got sale arhhh.. rm200 can become rm50! siapa tak nak kan?! *ohhh control urself cykm!* hahahaha.. terrible. haihz.. okay, now i seem like some shopaholic. but im not la. =) i rarely do much shopping. Its just that, these pass few days i seem to be super excited about all the sales that are going on.. haha.. =D =P!

Anyways, On friday, took more pictures. =P

Meet Jing Hui ! =)

Edwin's Gf. so good to finally meet her! =D Super crazy loud person like me . hahahaha.. and Eunice Tan! she somehow reminds me of you mei! seriously! kept thinkin of you the whole of that day.

Kim lun again! =D

And Yin Kuen again.. =) LOL.
 Picture by my hp's camera on the left and His on the right. I still think my camera takes better pictures. =P =D

So yup! there you go!
A glimpse of my working life.
And dont bising bout me taking so many pictures larh! our break sometimes super long.. hahaha.. so take pictures ! ;) anyways, i've been really happy with my current job. so laid back.. and so chill! plus it feels like i'm hanging out with a group of friends everyday =) how cool is that?

And and and i just got back from JB actually.. on Sat, i finally gor to watch Transformers with dad and lil bro. it was.. Okay only. nothing special =/ then rushed to JB for my Niece's full month celebration! =D met tonnes of old faces ! so it was good.. got to catch up with alot of people.. people i've not seen for 4-5 years! and of course, Bryan and I had our rooftop session.. =) plus the moon that night was so so bright and beautfiul.. shall post up pictures of JB soon. =D came back today after lunch! and i went straight to Desa Parkcity after that to chill with Boon Sin. The house was super stuffy! and i wanted to go for a walk after sitting in the car for 4 hrs.. hahaha.. so yup! i was really happy i went! why?

it was breath taking!
i just stood there, amazed at the beauty of God's creation.
How can anyone let such beauty pass them by?
Some people just dont understand. But the sky never fails to capture my attention. Its one of the many amazing things God has created. And the Sky, its always changing, its never the same, its beautiful in a different way every single day.. i dont get people who says the sky always looks the same. haha.. *Smacks!*  so anyways, the view, totally made my day. =) felt so happy after seeing such beauty!

Plus, the fact that i watched Just Like Heaven just now.
I shall sleep with a goofy smile on my face tonight. =)
What a nice way to end/start the week.
i took pictures with my Handphone! shall post it up tomorrow!


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