Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sit Back, And Let HIM take charge.

Its me again..

Did i tell u how nicely my friday last week ended?
It was so amazing how God can sometimes turn your whole stressful day upside down into a real good one. it was a pretty stressful friday. And to make things worse, got caught in the jam from Shah Alam to get back to Kelana Jaya. We all know how jams on fridays are. but we also know how bad it can get when it Pours on a friday evening. All of us in the team had plans .. mostly, at 8pm. Haha. all of us tension giler in the car.. started getting restless and all. coz all of us were late for our plans. Me? I had plans to go to DUMC that night. Coz Sydney Mohede would be there for a worship session. If u dont already know him, He's the lead singer for true worshippers. go look them up! they're a really cool band. Anyways, it starts at 8pm and from my experience, such events at DUMC is usually flooded with people and so, the chances of getting in after the starting time, is quite small. And alot of other stuffs happened too.. so i was feeling kinda down..

But its so funny how everything just started falling into place right after that! =)
someone suppose to go with me but ffk-ed me. =S but in the end! i had a teman to go with. haha.. coz His friend also tiba-tiba going with his own church mates. So we went together.. =D then as we were on the way there, we were stuck in the jam as well.. and it was already 8.30pm plus. And He taught me a really good lesson. =) Anyone at all can say such words of wisdom, but i truly learnt, because he not only preached it, he did what he preached. He said, He learnt that 

" it is no use getting all stressed up and getting all angry coz of the jam ur stuck in, it'll only spoil your day. So whatever it is, it is so. So theres nothing u can do, But just lay back. "

You know, so many of us who live in the city or places with crazy rates of Jams.. often get all worked up when ur caught in a jam. and we all know how stressful it can be. it can take hours! when ur so near, yet, ur still so far away. Its annoying, it irritates you like crazie sometimes coz u may be rushing for a very important event.. but i guess its true, whatever he said. theres no use and it will only spoil ur day. im sure all of us heard such words before or even came up with such logic on our own before. but many of us, me included, choose to put it aside. But after seeing how calm he was when we were almost an hour late, i really learnt and decided at that moment that i want to start putting these words into practice. After i took in whatever he said, i found myself being able to enjoy myself.. ESPECIALLY WHEN MY FAV SONG SUDDENLY PLAYED ON RADIO! hahahahaa.. guess what song played?! " My head is stuck in the clouds~~~~" =)))) so we reached DUMC at 9pm, an hour late. we weren't even sure if we could get in, But we did! =D we didn't even think of getting a seat. we were contented that we could even get in. Guess what happened next? An usher asked the both of us to follow her.. and so we did. as we followed closely behind, i found myself walking towards the second row of seats from the stage! HAHA! CRAZY! i got so excited i couldn't stop smiling! i mean! i looked behind and even the chairs on the upper floor were full! and there we were, sitting at the second row with 2 seats that so happen were empty! when we were an hour late! GOD IS REALLY GOOD! all the time! =) Not to mention the rest of the night, it all went down so perfectly, and i, i was truly blessed by the worship session. it was so beautiful, i had such a great encounter with God.

My favourite song of the night was a new song by Israel Houghton, intro-ed by Sydney. called, Jesus Be the Centre. the song kept playing in my head even up till now. i guess the lyrics of the song really had an impact in my life. Like traffic jams, we sometimes get so worked up, eventhough things like that are out of our control, we still try our best in every way to take charge of it. sometimes we even forget Jesus in the picture. We all have moments like "traffic jams" in our lives. When there are things that happen, which sometimes, is totally out of our control. We often forget how to let God take charge. Take charge of our lives. To let HIM, be the center of our lives.

I choose to let God be the center of my Life.
I chose. long time ago. but i keep on forgetting. and i know that i WILL forget again in future.
But whether it is

My studies, my career, my family, my friends, and my relationship, I choose to let God, be the center of it all.

And the cherry on top of the cake for my friday night?
MAYBANK NASI LEMAK! ahhhhhh~! *drools!*
FINALLY! hahaha.. i keep hearing about it but i never got a chance to try it!
Thanks so much for treating me to the super nice nasi lemak.. =)
You know who you are. :)

So yup. Its amazing sometimes how God can change a bad day to a super Good one. Its amazing to see what God can do with our lives, when we allow Him to take charge.
A valuable lesson, that i will keep close to heart. =)

So here are the pictures of the breath taking sunset i was telling u about in my previous entry! =) too bad my handphone was all i had with me. The digi cam would've done a better job. but even so! doesn't it still look amazing?! can u imagine how it looked like with the eye itself?! it was.. AMAZINGGGGG! and i mean it!

The sky was extremely nice that day.

It made me fall even more in love with the sky. =)
If u dont already know, I'm someone who super appreciates such views. ahhaha..just read the last part of my previous entry larh. i've said enough. =)

I dont understand how some people can let such beauty pass them by!
One of God's beautiful beautiful creations. =)
i should really go sleep now. hahaa.. i overslept for the first time today.
and i was almost late for work. =/

super tired today.
Goodnight readers. =) i hope you've been blessed like how i've been blessed by whatever i shared.

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