Monday, July 18, 2011

Some delayed pictures. =)

The next day right after i got back from Sabah, someone called me and suprised me. =)

She came back! =D =D =D 

with a rocka chick hair ! hahaa..

we went out tht night. =) spent most of our time yapping away.. went to desa parkcity. =)

Although we didn't have much time, i'm satisfied with our hangout that night. and thanks for the love from Switzerland Apple! i really appreciate it =))))! and for dinner too.. *hugs super tight* Love u loads Lim Kien Beng. =) and if ur wondering who's this girl, who's this apple, just look at my Blog's header picture. Yep, thats her hand, and mine. =) so now u noe the face behind that pinky promise. hahaha..

Some stuff i got from Sabah.. =)

Hahah and look at this! My grandma bought me this doll key chain ! she's so cute lah for buying such a thing for me! hahahaa.. ahhh my dear Amma.. =)

And rmb i told u i was selling 3M products? well this was one of the things i sold. and Wan Ching bought it from me for me! how sweet is that?! coz she knew i wanted to get one of those PLUS its purple! hahaha.. that was so sweet of her really.. Thanks alot dear!

And this was one saturday where i spent 2-3 hours with the both of em. FINALLY. hahaha.. i'm sorry i was so crazy busy! but coz they ciao-ing edy i decided tht going out for 2-3 hours is better than not meeting up at all.. coz i promised them to hang out..

Meet, Stephanie and Kathy! =) friends from US.

So i brought them to try some local chinese stuff. Tau Fu Fa was one of em! =D

HAHAHA.. they're expressions after tasting the tau fu fa! LOL! so cute larh the both of em =)

had a good time with the both of em.. =) even though it was only for a few hours.. better than nothing right? =D

hahaha i REALLY am trying to meet up with as many people as i can.. and i realize that my pass few outings have been really short ones.. =S but i guess at least we get to catch up and update each other.. =) coz i know that if i continue to make them wait till i can spend the whole day with em that kind, the outing will never happen. heh =P so yeah! please jgn marah marah ya kepada kawan yg saya belum keluar dengan! i will. i will! come on, u know i'm a girl that keeps her word. =)


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