Monday, July 11, 2011


i just had.. the BEST Sunday i've ever had since the start of this year! =)

first, i had an Amazing Encounter with God in church this morning..
Everything was just so perfect. I could feel the peace all the way.. i could feel His presence..
It was just so perfect. =')

Dr.Grace Kim Sung Hae was also a guest speaker in church today.
If you dont already know, She's the wife of Pastor Young-Gi,Cho. The pastor of the biggest church in the world! 800.000 people. anyways, u could look them up. they're really so inspiring..

And i finally went up for altar call today. after a very long time.

After church, went to Connaught for Dance.. Started rehearsals for the Studio's dance concert. Had a super fun time during dance! i just love dancing soo very muchhh! =))))) i'm super happy everytime i get to dance. =)

After dance, went to Curve to do a few things.
Get present for daddy's birthday, Visit my friends working there and have dinner with mum.
When i went over to E@curve to visit my friends who were working, coincidentally, the MTV world stage roadshow was going on! =) hahaha it was so much fun to see the contestants being so crazy! singing their lungs out! or at least trying to.. And guess who i got a Picture with? ;) *wink wink*

Jin from ! =))

I've talked to him a few times before.. and i never forgot the time he told me that when people approach him for a picture or for an autograph he never failed to feel honored. I dunno if i'm only looking at the surface of things but to me, Jin is superrrrrrr humble kay. =) and thats why i respect him alot. ;) was good finally getting a picture with ya Jin!I hope you Stay the person you are.. =)

And i look super small beside him. hahaa.. he's pretty tall!

VJ Utt from MTV ! =))

Honestly? I've loveddddd Utt eversince i was a small Kid. seriously. My sister and I used to watch tonnes of MTV stuffs on tv last time.. and we'd always see his face everywhere on tv especially those concerning MTV... hahaa.. cant believe i managed to get a picture with Him today. =))))))! he was actually back stage already surrounded by body guards and all.. but when Benroy and I asked for a picture, he told the guard its okay, just one more and he came out and took a picture with us =D then a swarm of girls came rushing..but sadly they tak dapat take edy coz he went back behind stage.. hahaa.. awwww! felt so happy k! =))))!

One of my friends in the Yellow M&M mascot. hahaha.. i've yet to try such a Job. =) was suppose to do this but i declined coz i had church and dance.

Got Di Shen a Job witht the company i'm working for. =)

And i met Mathieu! he was working for another event.

Also met tonnes of other friends today in curve! it was a crazy day indeed. But one to remember, and like the title of this Entry, The best Sunday i've had since 2011 started. =)

After sending mum home, Had dinner with originally Parents and lil bro. but ended up having dinner together with grandma, aunt, elder bro and parents,lil bro. it was so niceeeeeeee! Nothing was planned at all, but everything just fell into place, and everything just happened, beautifully. =) Suprised dad with a bday cake that grandma bought for him earlier on. And yeah, here i am, back home, looking back at the amazing sunday i've just had.

Its not just mainly only about wht happened today and the pictures i got with such awesome people, but way way more reasons why it was such, an amazing Sunday.
Thank You Lord, for all You've given me, for all You've done for Me.

Blessed I am, Indeed.

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