Saturday, July 09, 2011

First week down.

Hey.. so its been a week on the Kleenex roadshow.
I've been having a good time at work the whole week! its really chilled. but then.. the past two days have been pretty hectic.

With the time i've been speding with the whole team, i'm glad i've been able to get to know them better.. hang out with them more and all.. coz this roadshow consist of only one team, so i'm with the same people everyday..and its gonna be this way for a month.. and so far, we've been pretty alright as a team.. :)

just that yesterday, was quite a busy day..
Dad was in Ipoh. suppose to be home early one.. so i made plans with Kim.
then suddenly while i still working, lil bro call, ask me fetch him to tuition at 8pm.
then mum call me ask me fetch her from work at 9pm.
then bro also ask me fetch him home at 10pm.
and me and Kim was suppose to go out after she had dinner at my place.
so i was like.. gaaaaaaaaaaah. but in the end, guess wht happened?
lol.. my car couldn't start.. so even if i wanted to rush home to fetch lil bro..
sure tak sempat one.. so it was a pretty crazy moment for me..
But anyways i'm glad i wasn't alone. :)
so it wasn't that bad i guess.. but anyways in the end everything turn out pretty alright.

Twin times are always Good times! =)
missed u like crazieee ! so i finally got to catch up with The Bestfriend. =)
it was a good ending of the day.

Today, i woke up super early..6am plus.. and left the house at 7am.. coz had to reach a place by 8am.. and we all know how KL roads are like in the morning.. T_T so yup! super early start for me.. and super late ending as well.. Was suppose to have bible study after work. not suppose to fetch anyone home to tuition or any of tht sort. suddenly, got so many probs la..then got the road blocks coz of the demonstrations lah.. then everywhere jam like crazie! gaaaaaaaaaaaah... jaaaammms! really really JAM kinda jam u noe.. so was pretty much on the road for a whole few hours.. then coz of the jams, dad said it would be more convenient for me to fetch. so in the end bible study got cancelled.. had to fetch mum, fetch lil bro.. AND THEN.. my elder bro called ask me fetch him from KTM at 10pm..........

ahhhh what a tiring day lah! then when i'm tired i'm naturally moody and not as hyper. i mean, isn't that normal...? sighs then my family like didnt seem to understand that just now.. so i felt so.. dunno lah. :( i have my moments too, kay. D:

so yeah.. the minute i came home all i wanted to do was to just have some ME time.. and just keep to myself.. sighs.

but anyways, the highlights of my day would definitely be THE PENGUINS! and Meatballs..! =D penguinsssss they're super duper cute larhhhh! *squeezes and hugs an imaginary stuffed penguin*! and thank You for the meatballs Yin Kuen.. =)

i'm so glad the weekend is here!
altho tomorrow no dance and i'm not allowed to go anywhere.. in a way, i'm kinda glad. Can chill at home tomorrow..and rest rest rest! to those who've had a long week, The weekend has finally arrived! =))) something to smile about, no? =)

To those who have not been getting enough rest during the week,
And i'm gonna do just that.

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