Friday, February 04, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! =)

Spent the first day of CNY bumming at home! hahaha..
and the first day is never complete without SIEW NGOR!!! <3 <3 <3
i got so bored at one point and decided to watch LOTR! LOL.
yesssshhh! i watched the 3rd Lord of the Rings. =D

was good.

then had vegetarian dinner as well.. and headed out for a movieee.! =) at least i did smth. hahaha.. watched the Green Hornet! it was funny! hahaha.. quite a nice show. =) had fun watching it..

but kinda felt disturbed when this girl infront with her bf.. she kept looking back at me and my aunt.. so annoyingggggggggggg! coz we got every joke in the movie and laughed non-stop. stupid one lorh.. ppl laugh also wanna stare ppl down untill like tht.. ish! ITS A MOVIE LAH! if suffering sad emo movie and we laugh, u stare i understand lah. but funny movie, we laugh u give tht super lan c stare..

im like.. omgosh stop turning back and staring! whats ur problem ladyy?!


but yes, other than that. it was a great movie. =)
my CNY has been really different this year and last year.
but i guess, things dont always stay the same.
and sometimes, for the better.



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