Monday, February 07, 2011

Shawn Beck. (:

Hello everyone! Yes yes yes.. Incase you didn't know, This is Shawn Beck. =) A friend that i've known since i was 11 or 12 years old! hahaha.. super long ago right? =P Anyways, Turtle and Shawn was always there to listen to my stories and stuffs eversince i was 12 till.. i dunno when.. now tak de edy tho. =P KEN WEI SUPER SOMBONG. lollll... but been keeping in touch with shawn on and off. =D So we finally met up today. again.. after quite a while.. =) And OBVIOUSLY i wouldn't leave without taking pictures. =P
And here's Shawn with his Famous Miang Look! LOL.
* he's so gonna kill me =P *

We went to the curve and just catch up,chill,had dinner and check out cool headphones weih! =D

Which.. i wish i never found out about.! T_T now i soooo feel like saving up for that paticular headphone! =X

And The EVEN MORE Miang Look. =P hahahahahaha.!
Although he complained alot about my loudness and bising-ness, I know he enjoys my Bising-ness! =P hhahahahahaaa.. Cant believe if what we acted out on the way back really happened. LMAO! we acted out a scene if i was those quiet quiet kinda person. HAHA. xD


Overall, I had a great time. =)
& Thanks for dinner Shawn! (:

PS: Dont complain bout the miang pictures larh.. i was SOOOOO tempted to put up that Justin Bieber one okay! =P hahahaa...


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