Saturday, March 27, 2010

You Smile.. I smile.. =)

Hello readers!
i had a super nice day today! hehe.. =D

well.. got a morning call from Chi Wing saying that i had to get my butt to school like.. NAO! xD he called me at 7am plus.. i tot it was my noisy alarm. HAHA. he had to call me twice! =P

coz school was having Anugerah Cemerlang and yeah..
i didn't get the invitation letter probably coz they sent it to my old hse address. O.O so yeah.. ahaha.. woke up super blur.. and didn't noe wht to wear! @_@ hahaha..
but yes .. finally got to wake someone up in my hse! to fetch me to school..
everyone else dun wanna layan me.. T_T
they all sleep like.. cannot wake up one. wuwuwuw.. T_T
yeah my aunt fetched me. wee! =)
then had a super nice time seeing my craziee fwends again!
hahaha.. ahhh miss u guys so much.. D:
AND i also got to see my two favourite teachers in school!
hehehe.. Ahhh.. missed them super much too!
hugged them ALOT! haha.. and took pictures with them like MAD. =P
kekeke.. they super nice also.. took and bare with me..
altho i snapped like gazillion times and bring them to different spots..
coz i say the lighting nt nice! HHAHAHAH. =P
its no wonder why i love them. hehe. =)
awesome teachers they are! and yesh..

i got some money.. for getting good results in SPM.
nt much tho. but at least its still smth.. =)
hw nice.. my two best friends in school are the top students in school!
so proud of you guys Di and Chi Wing!! =)
they got darn big amounts of cash nw didn't you?
haha.. well.. they deserve it.. =)
so yep.. had to walk home after tht..
i was wearing full black and the sun was.. so.. Happy..
it shined like never before! O.O T_T
hahaha.. my hse.. i so far.
and so inside! i was out of breath when i reached home..
coz i was so HOT! =P

then head of to Studio for dance!
and danced from 1pm alllll the way till 4.30pm!
non stop baby! hehehee..

i just love today. =) i was so.. crazieee..
during dance.. sheryl even felt like choking me!
hahahahahahaa... super HIGH weih! xD
coz i was happy and was really having fun =P
Andrea kept giving me weird looks.. T_T
xD keep banging into me only today u..
andrea chong! xD i know u love me..
but sometimes cannot always together gether all the time ..
*pats pats* HAHAHAHA. OMG.. * runs n hide*
hehehehehehehe... xD xD =PPPPP

yeah then Sheryl dear belanja-ed me Mc Ds after tht!
weee~~! =) by the time i got home..
i was super super.. tired.. T_T
when i reached sheryl's hse and went out to hug her..
i was so tired n blur.. went back into the car..
forgot to buckle my seat belt! guess what?!
i fell asleep.. sudd got road block infront..
benson shouted.. KAH MAY SEAT BELT!!!!!
i woke immediately and pulled the seat belt..
covered the unbuckled part with my bag..
acted cool.. with ma Dope Purple Cap.. and ma Purple Ipod..
and ma Sony ear phones and went like.. Yo.. Wassup..
xDDDDD =.=.. no.. yeah i was really blur..
but yes! Thank God nth happened! =D

soo yeaaaah.. and EARTH HOUR JUST NOW!
actually participated =P
HAHA. just for the fun of it..
i rmb wht i did a year ago from today during earth hour 2009.
i was at a wedding.. tht was filled with lights everywhere! xD
and i rmb i was messaging lyn yie.. the EXACT same thing..
i did just now.. this year.. during earth hour..
hahahahaha.. im suprised myself how i can rmb wht we were talking abt.
=P time flies yeah Lyn yie? =P

the minute the clock stroke 8.30..
i was like.. OKAY! earth hour! earth hour! hahahaha..
then i ran around the hse.. switching off ALL the lights.
xD then my brothers were like.. SIAO AHH..
dun off ALL la! at least leave one On!
i was like.. =.=.. THEN WHATS THE POINT?! T_T
haha but whtever. then i even offlined and offed the com! =P
went to my room.. lay on my bed.. listened to music..
and yeah.. enjoyed the dark.. quiet.. and peaceful atmosphere..
i started to like it so much by the time it was 9.30..
i didn't feel like moving anymore.. to on the lights..
HAHA. =P i should do this more often.. =)
i used to do that.. i can just lay on my bed..
and listen to music for hours.. =)
been a while since i've done tht.. well not really..
when i emo i always do tht.. or ..
stay infront of the com.. offline.. and just listen to music.. xD
but i feel nice when i do tht.. =P Me Likeyyy.. =) hehe..

yeah so that was my nice day. =D
tmr i'm going to hang out with Natasha! yay! =))
cant wait! hehehe.. and now.. i'm really tired..
So.. Goodnight World!

If you need me,I'll come right there..

From a thousand miles away..

Cause With you there's no in between.I'm all in.

Cause When You smile.. I smile. =)


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