Monday, March 22, 2010

Joshua Baby. =)

Yuppie! im back from JB! and the reason why we even went all the way to JB was to celebrate my nephew's 1 year old birthday! =) Presenting to you...~!

Joshua Tan Jia Rong! =))
He definitely doesn't look 1! he's like so big and long! hahaha.. =P isn't he a cutieee???! ^^

So yup! we went to TGIF at Jothic Hall to celebrate his bday.. haha.. so cool right? 1st birthday already celebrate at TGIF. =P xD even i never celebrate my bday there before.. hahaha.. =P I shall let the pictures tell the story.. =)

Haha.. yeah.. Sleepy edy baby! xD not! after we went home he didn't wanna sleep at all! T_T but still.. he's as cute as ever! hahaha.. anyways i had fun in JB and im glad i finally got to buy myself a hoodie! =) tho didn't get to do much this time round.. but i got my hair cut.. and yeahh manage to spend more time with baby! hehe.. =P i had fun. =)

Heres some pics of the beautiful sky on the way back.. if u noe me well enough.. i really love these kinda things.. =P so pweety! =)))

sho yup! that was my weekend. hehe.. it was really jam!
took us so long to reach KL.. T_T
and there were alot of accidents.. long ones!
on both sides.. =/ hope everyones fine..

Ahh anyways.. i wannaaa JOG! like nowwwwwww!
And i feel so wasted today.. T_T
Computer the minute i woke.. =P
spent my day uploading videos.. hahaa...
and editing videos..=P
k ler! i wanna go jog. =P


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  1. OMG!!!!! JOSHUA IS SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!! Melissa, I wanna see him too!!!!!!!!! <3 But better not... I scared I kidnap him!! muahahahahaha!!! OMG! The cute-ness is BEH-TAHAN man!!!