Sunday, March 14, 2010

When You Feel Nothing At All..?

Hello people. yes yes. i can finally go online without having to go to a cc. yesh! finally have internet access again.. =)

so yesh.. i have finally got my results..for SPM.. suprisingly a great amount of people who i havent told already know my results.. O.O all thanks to my sister that announced it on facebook. =.= lolll.. but anyhoo..

i got..

7As and 3B+s!

yup yup! all Glory to God! =)
although i did not manage to achieve my target ..
which was at least 8As.. but its alright.. =)
I am happy and content with my results.. =)

Congratulations to all my SPM-ER friends !!!
Whatever ur results are.. we have run the race..
and we have finally reached that finish line! =)
So be proud of yourself and be happy with whatever you got.
if you are disappointed with yourself.. DONT!
Take it as a reason for you to work harder..
and to achieve better it your future examinatons!

Sides that right.. i had my driving test on the 12th of March..
I got 19/20 for on the road.
but i failed because of the hill.. Zzzz..
and i wasn't scared about the hill,parking or 3 point turn at all.
instead i was scared of the on the road test.
my first test was the hill.. and i failed..
i noe this may sound cliche.. but yes.. i believe i failed because of the clutch prob..
the car i used had a stupid clutch.. seriously..
so i went up the hill.. n stop perfectly on the yellow line like i always do..
cz i love doing the hill.. and when the JPJ asked me to go down..
i balanced the clutch and the accelerator and all ..
yes my car did jerk forward and the clutch was engaged..
i even lift the clutch till the whole car was shaking edy..
so i put down the handbrake..
and the car slide down instead of moving forward..
i accelerated untill the max.. bt it still slide down further..
so to prevent me from banging other cars behind i brake and pulled the handbrake.
imeadiately the guy said.. HABIS! and with the hand language..
saying.. "YOUR OUT"! thats it! i felt so crappy..
i seriously did.. sighs.. then he asked me to go do on the road..
the car i used for on the road was awesome!!!!!!!
if i had tht car the hill i would have totally pass!
this i am brave enough to say!.. aihs..
my examiner for the on the road test was nice..
he din bribe me.. din give the mengada attitude.
instead he was friendly and chat with me along the test..
i didn't even feel like i was having a test.
felt like i was taking a stroll with a friend.. haha.. =)
he was a nice JPJ. =D then on the road also got hill..
and i did perfectly well.. even the JPJ said..
"you drive really well.. i really think it was a technical problem"
sighs.. =( so yeah.. i told Dad why i failed.. and he said..
"If its a technical prob u shud complain! its nt ur fault!"
so we made a u-turn back to the driving school..
dad complaint.. the guy dun believe..
so happen another girl tht used the same car as i did..
over heard wht we were saying..she also had the same problem..
so the guy said.."Fine, we'll c other people use the same car.. if they can use then its not the cars problem but the driver.." fortunately.. the car i used was different from the other cars.. coz the side mirrors were red.. and it was the only car tht was like it was easy to spot.. so we watched.. me..the girl.. dad and the guy..the car went up the hill.. and when the JPJ ask the car to go down the hill.. the EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED! the car slided down. and just like tht.. another poor poor driver failed. Zzz. stupid car..

then my dad said.. "there u go! u saw it with ur own eyes! wht more proof do u wan?" then the guy said.. Ahhh.. anyway its ur daughter's fault she didn't complain there and then when she had the chance.. it has passed now.. then they tested the clutch.. and yes the clutch really got problem one lorh! =( then i observed.. everytime tht car wanted to go down the hill it would totally slide down. sighs. then on my paper they write another car plate number. tht plate no. wasnt the car we used. in fact! the car plate number tht they wrote wasn't even being used and was parked at the side!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... what a day wht a day.. =( then they said.. "Ur daughter fault la.. we assign tht car to her but she didn't use it.." WALAO EHHHH...?! where got ppl assign car to every candidate one???! really really dumb i tell you.. argh! =(

so in the end.. i still have to resit for my driving test but only for the hill parking and 3 point turn coz i already pass my on the road test. so yeah.. rm150 gone.. just like tht.. sniffx sniffx... T_T oh well. thats life. i resiting on 5th of April! just you wait humans! imma go kick some ass! rawrrr! i make sure next time if i dun like the car i'll make sure they give me another one.. if not imma start a drama and hon super alot untill they give me another car. xDDDDDDDDD! I aint gonna fail again coz of a stupid dupid car! rawrrr!!! mark my worddddssss!

so yes tht is about my driving test.
anyways my friday was terrible.
i had the worse friday ever.
ahh.. dun even wanna talk about it..
i just had a super terrible 12th of March..
From morning.. till night..
so many things happened in a day.. aihs..

then on Saturday i went to Malacca with andrea,qian,janning,tsu ann,steven n benson. had a great day despite the many of times it rained and we got soaked and then blow dry by the wind.. tht made me feel super cold.. =/ but yes it was a great day.. came back on the same day. =D i obviously took a gazillion pictures again.. xDDD yesh yesh!

Sheryl oh sheryl! really lerh..
if you didn't lend me your camera i wouldn't have been able to take all these beee--aaaa---uuu---tiii---fulll pictureessss!!! =) *hugs tight tight!*

i just uploaded Kuala terengganu pictures to facebook..
still have Malacca! but that will have to wait!
hahaa.. if not imma go bonkers.. =P
staring at the computer screen the whole evening.. xD


I went to the Facon Education Fair today with Daddy at KLCC.
Looked everywhere for good Law schools but in the end..
we still ended up at Brickfields Asia College..
theres no doubt that BAC would be the best choice..
seriously.. =) so yeah man! i manage to see my twiinnnn!!!!
=) I havent seen u in ages Miss Kimberley Ong!!
was so nicee seeing u again today!
hahaa.. and yeah after dad bargained and talked to the lecturer..
i finally finally registered myself to study in Brickfields Asia College..
to do LAW.. ! =) A-Levels first then LLB and CLP.
so yeah man! orientation starts on the 29th of March..
first class is on 5th of April! the same day i will be resiting my Driving test. =/
Maaaan.. gonna miss my first day of college. =(
But nvm! there are still many days ahead! hehee..
im excited really.. =) now that everything has been confirmed! =D

so yeah. thats all about me for now..
ahaha.. till next time. =)