Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back From Jb!

ahh just got back from JB.. so fast.! O.O
but the journey back was super slowww.. T_T
Jam giler.. plus so many accidents.. terrible ones.. O_O

im lieeeeeeek super hyper nowwwwww!
hahahaha.. music made me hyper!
i actually made myself hyper.. NYAHAHA!
i listened to all my new blog songs on my hp..
and started head banging,bouncing and hyper-ing myself!
xDDDDDDDDDDDD Looked like i was going bonkers! haha..
BUT I HAD FUNNNNNN! altho it was Jam. =P
lalalala~~~ love my new blog songs! they're awesomeeeeeeee!
hehehee... waahh love this feeling.. havent been like this in a while..
=)) =D =D =D~!

I went down to JB to celebrate my nephew's 1 year old birthday!
Baby Joshua is choooooo cuteee! =)
i miss him already!!! and guess wht?!
he loves my octeyyy!!! hehehehehee...
everytime he see my purple octopus he'd stop..
and smile and laugh and start playing with it..
i even took a video! hahahaha.. will upload ltr..
i literally just gt back.. its 11.43pm nw.. hahaa..
and i havent bathe yet..! wanted to!
but benroy stole the bathroom from me first.. =.=!
so i jusssssst had to come online.. nyahahaha...
and blog! while im still hyper-ing! xDD

AND OH YEAAAAAH! I FINALLY GOT MYSELF A NEW HOODIE! AFTER HUNTING FOR ONE NICE DECENT ONE! thats not too LALA or Plain.. i finally found one in JB! wahahahahh~! aweeesomeee! Benroy got the same one as me too.. =P xD wanted to find white but the black was just too nice. =P Hehe..

Kkkkk! hahahahaha... pictures to come!

PS: did i mention how much im loving my new bloggie songs? =P Heheeee.. =PPP

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