Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Taking Chances,Taking Risks.

Life is all about taking chances and taking risks..
so that we can open opportunities for ourselves..
but of course.. when we take them risk, we need to becareful..
because sadly.. this world is filled with cunning..mean..cruel humans.
so these people are the ones we should stay away from..
but then again, you'll never know for sure ..
wht kind of person he or she is in the start right?
so there is where we take risks..

whtever we do may or may not benefit us..
in fact.. it can even harm us..

but what is life without taking risks?

If we should ever fall..from the risks we took..
all we can do is to learn from our mistakes..
and take precaution in future..
Because we can never grow or excell in life..
if we are always scared of taking risks..
scared of this.. of tht and everything..
might as well just lock urself in ur room..
and waste away.. seriously..

without noticing it..
we actually take risks every single day..
choosing wht food to eat and where..
thats a risk. who knows u might get food poisoning n die?
lol. or choosing which school or college to study in?
thats a risk as well. who knows how good the lecturers are?
or their dark secrets tht nobody know of?
or their evil schemes..or maybe they may just shut down suddenly..
and run away wit ur money? all those are risk..
almost everything in life involves risk..seriously..

so yeah..
whts life without taking chances and taking risks?
sometimes we have to be allowed to make our own decisions..
yes, maybe we are complete plain dummies!
but its then and there that we'll learn and slowly..
become geniuses. =) we may hurt. we may fall..
we may be cheated.. and all..
yes .. those are things we cannot control..
we can prevent.. but not always..
Sometimes people just have to learn the hard way..
Sometimes those are the best and most effective way for them to learn smth.
Sometimes we just have to let go..
No matter how much we love them..

coz we need to let them learn how to live their life..

talking about life..

sometimes people complain their life is too boring..
some complain their life is too complicated..
the truth is.. humans will never be content with their life..
or whtever they achieve or have in life..
again.. Thats Human Nature.

so wht should we do..?
truth is.. i really dunno..
im still trying to figure out tht question myself.. =/
Sighs. but ultimately..

life still goes on.
and everyday is a gift from God.
too bad humans take tht for granted without noticing it..
they're so sure and confident that they will wake up from their sleep the next morning like how they always do.. They're so sure that they can see their mother father brother sister best friend bf gf wife husband the next morning.. they take life for granted..

but always remember.. God has the power and authority to take away any of our lives anytime in the world. i've been distracted by all the happenings recently that i forgot that Everyday is a Gift from God and how precious it is.

Guess sometimes we tend to forget..
But most importantly..
we Remember again..
and try to apply it in our everyday lives again..
To start again..
to get up and stand up again..

Cherish and treasure every single second people.
You too! miss celine yap kah may!

- Time Waits For No Man -

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