Sunday, March 07, 2010


Everyone, Please give a round of applause to Human Nature, for human nature is like the best and closest friend u could ever have but human nature is also like a sharp edged sword that could pierce your heart and hurt you so badly or stab u in the back without you knowing.Human Nature is something we are all familliar with. Well friends, today i wanna share with you about how Human Nature can be your worse enemy.

Human Nature.. Human Nature can destroy relationships.. the closest relationships u have. Human Nature is selfish. Human Nature thinks for itself and itself alone. Human Nature blinds you from the truth and the things u should noe or should do. Human Nature can make u treat complete strangers with the greatest gratitude and respect,Human Nature can make u love complete strangers with all your heart..filled with care, loyalty and trust. BUT. Human Nature blinds you from the people.. the people you SHOULD be loving the most. caring for the MOST. Being there for.. the MOST.. and most importantly.. Loving Unconditionally. Unconditional Love.. somethings very rare to be found in the midst of famillies nowadays.


Are the people we should be loving unconditionally.. the people, who we should be giving full respect to, the people who we should care and and treasure and appreciate the most.. the people who we should trust the most. the people who we should rely fully.. and look to when we're in problems.. or depression.. the people who we should show most kindness , generosity, sacrificial love.. without any conditions.. any terms and conditions.. without having debts involve..people who you should things for out of LOVE. willingly.. volunteerly but not because u HAVE to. but because u WANT to. Our family.. people.. wht does family mean to you? what does family mean to the world nowadays?

Materialistic things like money.. branded goods.. luxurious cars, pretty houses.. strangers.. complete strangers.. friends.. or bestest of friends. these things and people are overpowering the word.. FAMILY.. today. we may all deny it. we may all overlook this matter. but this.. this Nasty Human Nature.. is overtaking and overpowering our lives today. They not only pull us away from home.. but they make our FAITH grow smaller and smaller everyday without us noticing it.

What about our Faith?

how are you treating it? are you feeding it anything so that it could grow? or are you putting it aside? are you putting it on hold? I dunno about you, but it clearly seems that FAITH! is dying within US. DENY ALL YOU WANT. but i am admitting to it. its saddening. yes. its very disappointing to see a healthy tree that grew and grew and burn ever so strongly before.. but is now dying when it would've been.. could've been the biggest and strongest tree EVER.! why. why.. we all ask WHY dun we? then what should we do if we noe of problems like these arising? do we just let it be. and LIFE GOES ON like everyone would say. or would u run that extra mile to fix everything? like they say..


oh that is just bloomin true. dont you just hate the truth? hmm? dun cha?

I wonder how we can love and treat our friends so well.. filled with love and compassion but treat our own family members like crap. like domestic waste. like rubbish. like dust in the air. so invicible. so very.. not important. we only come to them when we have run out of options. when we have no where else to go. our family is like always.. and ALWAYS our last resort.
yes. i admit. seriously. they are.. MY last resort. i only go to them for help when i have ran out of options. i only go to them when theres no other possible way. i wonder why. but maybe i do noe why. maybe because i always had this thinking.. ahh nahh.. i dun wanna trouble them.. but wait a minute? u dun mind troubling ur friends? whoa there.. isn't it only normal if u dun wanna trouble ur friends but dont mind troubling ur friends? maybe coz i feel more comfortable asking my friends for help than asking my family for help. why is that so? maybe because there are just way too many terms and conditions. or maybe.. maybe because when u go to ur family.. sometimes they make u feel like ur a trouble.. ur an inconvinience to them. u are plain.. MAA FAAAN-NESS. Isn't that true? your friends would never ever make u feel tht way.. why? coz they wouldn't wanna hurt ur feelings.. but you see.. famillies nowadays JUST DONT CARE. YOU'RE FAMILY! U SHOULD UNDERSTAND. SO IF I TALK RUDELY TO YOU, YOU SHOULDN'T FEEL HURT COZ YOU'RE FAMILY. AND YOU SHOULD UNDERSTAND. oh right. so its okay ?? i'm getting confused here. who are the people we should love the most? who are the people we should treat the most respect with?

oh i just rmbered why we're all like this nowadays. its coz of EGO. yep. we dont want other people to think badly of us. we dont care if our family thinks that way of us.. coz it just doesn't matter. but what outsiders think and the way they judge us matters the MOST. isnt that true friends? we'd do all kinds of things to please others. even be someone we're not when we're outside there just to KISS ASS. so thats when the saying comes in that we're ourselves completely when we are with familyyyy.. yes yes yesssh. coz family knows us best. family knows our good and bad sides. they know.. our deepest and darkest secret..they know.. EVERYTHING about us.. that the outside world.. doesn't know. so.. i guess almost all Man kind and Human have two or more sides.. the FAKE SIDE. and the REAL SIDE. Well.. Hello... Human Nature. :)

Human Nature.. the best actor/actress alive.

wonder why tho.. no one dares to stand up to Human Nature. no one dares to make a change.. although the problem is so clearly right infront.. infront of them. i wonder WHY! no one cares.. or bothers! no one cares to set thingsw straight.. or to set things right! ITS HARD! I KNOW! NOTHING IS EASY IN THIS LIFE.. IN THIS WORLD.. but if you really want to see that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.. or the light at the end of the tunnel.. then GO! STAND FOR WHT YOU KNOW IS RIGHT. GO! MAKE A CHANGE! but nothing would start.. no one would start.. untill a person. untill someone takes the first step...

and it has to begin with ME. it has to begin with the MAN IN THE MIRROR. the mouth.. can talk all day long.. but that alone cannot make a change. NO ONE ..ever said that it was gonna be simple.. gonna be easy.. NO ONE.. ever said that everything will work out the minute u try.. at the first try.. everything will start sailling one ever said that you could see that change in a day.. a week.. a month .. a year.. it could take years! decades! maybe even centuries! but at least you know.. that you have tried.. and try.. and try.. and try.. ultimately.. you can do everything and anything that u think may help..

but ultimately.. you have to also believe.. and have faith.. in that Big Guy up there. to trust.. and know that He has a plan for us. and that He will lead and guide u. and that He is always there. ever ready to catch u if you fall..

God doesn't plan for something bad to happen.. but He surely can take that unfortunate event and make it into something so great and wonderful.

I will try. and I am trying. My biggest enemy? is no one else.. but my very Self. Change myself.. first. and hopefully later on.. so will my Family. If i cannot love my own brothers and sister and parents.. how can i truly and sincerely and genuinely say.. I love You..? How can i even have the cheek.. to say.. i love you.. my friends? or my future boyfriend.. or husband..? how can i love YOU..God...? if i dont unconditionally love you.. My Brother.. My Sister.. My Mother.. My Father..?

God said.. If you cannot even Love your own brother.. How then My child.. Can You Love Me..?

It all has to begin with Me.Myself.. and I.
Go Now. And Dont give up.
Go Now. and Dont lose Hope.
Go Now. and Dont Lose Faith.
And in all that you do.. Dont You Forget Him.

Walk By Faith. And Not By Sight.
Take It to the Lord in Prayer.


  1. i like this post...what u said totally makes sense~~~~~~

  2. We don't always remember our family because of the very fact that WE ourselves take them for granted.

    So the question is, how do WE treat our family?

  3. Hey, I know what it's like.
    Anyway, not sure if you've heard of this blog, but it's pretty cool. Thought a few of the posts would be encouraging for you. =)

    They write pretty well. =)


    you should read back at what you type sometimes...its almost equivalent to the mirror that you have been needing to look at.

    Your big brother.