Monday, March 08, 2010

When You Wish Upon A Star..

Hello.. am at Cc now.. alot has been going on with me..
was having a chaotic dramatic scene of my life.. and then.. i was really just.. happy.. and then now again.. im somewhere i dont want to be..

but thats just life i guess?
like a rollercoaster ride..

i Had such....... a "..." night yesterday. i really dont noe wht word to use to descride last night but it was definitely not the best night.. haihs..


how JEALOUSY. and ENVY. and HATE.. and ANGER..
can make two people argue.. and ignore each other..
I am one person.. i cannot please everyone..
i cannot show equal love to everyone..
and anyone..
you say i have changed.. or rather u say i have always loved A more than you.. but you damn right noe thats not true.. At ALL..

im really confused. one moment.. u are telling me to be like this and tht..
the next moment.. u are contridicting ur statement..
i am living the way u have taught me..
the things u have taught me..
but why is so that i have to choose and pick who i treat the way i treat etc..?
I have always been nice to A.. always..
Its just that A only treat me nice when A feels like it..
but im okay with that. i have learn to accept it..
i have forgiven.. and i have forgotten..
Isn't that what u have taught me?
isn't that wht the WORD teaches us all?
so why do u still keep grudges..?

shouldn't u be happy that i have learn how to forgive and forget?
isn't that a good thing?
then why get into an arguement with me about it..?
ur making me so very confuse.. =(

you know i love you so very very much..
but why would u rather get into an arguement with me..
because of jealousy and envy?! DONT LET IT GET TO YOU!
it makes me so sad.. everytime when u start to compare my love..
for others and for you..
I am just .. ONE.. person.. =( ..

conflicts. and dramas.. and all..

ANYWAYS. enough about all these super ridiculous things..


About me. =)
well hmm.. results are coming out on the 11th!

so yeah, judgement day! haha..
on the 10th i got my last driving lesson..
then on 11th is results day!
and on the 12th i have my driving test! =/

really hope i do well!
for both results and my driving test! =)
cant wait to get my license! hahaha..
and i'll be futhering my studies by doing A Levels..
in Brickfields Asia College..
I'll be majoring in Law..
yup. Law..

anyways.. i've been dancing much too!..
i've got my own crew now and we're called..
PHILEO! =) phileo stands for Brother and sisterly LOVE!
i have practices every Saturday in a Studio in Cheras.. =)
am also doing personal coaching nw....
so i teach every wednesday night.. =)
yup! tho! i need to start going for more competitions!
coz tht was my goal.. to enter and be more exposed!
so maybe i'll be joining a KDU dance competition soon..
maybe. hahaha.. =P

so yeah. =) less than a month left till i start college..
wonder what i can do with it..
i cant go for trips with friends.. to genting.. beach or whtever..
guess things dun always happen as u plan..
oh well.. =(
hmm.. cant work.. too short.. of time..
dont wanna bum around for the remainings either!
such a waste.. =( we'll see. =)

i miss how i used to live everyday like it was my last day on earth..
=).. i miss that old me!..
and i wan her back in my life!
so starting today im gonna try my best..
to slowly get her back into my life.. =)

now now people, whats going to CC without gaming?!
nyahahahaha~! L4D ! i have missed jooo! =P


PS: Shawn beck was in this entry too! xD LOLOLOL! Ahahaha! hw random! =P