Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let go..

I know sooner or later I'll have to let go.. and live in the present and not the past. But i still cant.. at least not now.. =(..

maybe its a good thing why what has happened has happened...
maybe its telling me to move on..
let go of the pass that i keep holding onto to live and continue surviving in the present..
to open up myself to new people around me..
and let go of the ones that are not in my life anymore..
i keep clinging on to something that is not what it was anymore..
its history.. and i still keep using history..
to get me thru those tough days..
those.. unhappy times.. i always go back to the pass..
to make myself at east.. enlightened.. happy..

Maybe its time to create a new set of memories..
like what Mr.Frog said. haha.. =) ..
with new people.. who are in my life right now..

maybe its time i let go of the ones.. i once loved..
the ones.. that once loved me..
the ones that were once in my everyday life..
but are there no longer..
Maybe its time..

but then again.. letting go is never easy! =(
Sniffx.. i actually dreamt of them yesterday..
O.O .. shows how much they really mean to me still..

today I saw Apple's Status..that said..
If you keep focusing on what you don't have, you'll lose sight of what you do have.

Help me to let go Lord..
and to allow and open up myself to new people..
to come into my life and into my heart..

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