Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dear Young Celine..

I really love blogging seriously. all the advice i gave to other people last time always helps me from time to time. heres a few to remind myself again..

18 August,2006. (14 years old)

PEOPLE! Doesn't it feel better to talk of the things u have rather than wht u do not have? Isn't it better to appreciate wht u are blessed with instead of wht u are not? isn't it better to think of all the good sum1 has done for you rather then all the bad they did to you? I realise how sum people waste their life by being so negative in everything! EVERYTHING! Talking abt wht they do not have,Gossiping abt sum1 just coz they did the same to you,Wishing and HOPING for sum1 to buy em sumthing rather than working hard to buy it theirself..(believe me..Buying sumthing with your own money feels better then ur parents always buying totally everything 4 u,It's different!) Working hard to achieve sumthing rather than bragging..Talk Talk Talk...rather than DO! Life is filled with choices...Good and Bad,Happy and Sad,Positive and Negative. It's your choice how u want to live your life. If you think carefully for one moment when u feel down and sad or depressed..Look at the brighter side..Or try to think of sumthing good tht actually happened..You'll feel life is better when u actually think of all the gudness tht has happened..Rather than just..Sobbing on sumthin bad tht HAD happenED! It's passed! Forget it! Dun dwell on it..Let it go man! Thats life!
It's your choice to be a loner and depressed person or to be sum1 thats joyful and living life to the fullest! If you always look at everything tht happen in a negative way..then..DEPRESS U SHALL BE! But wht if u take it possitively? Doens't it sound or feel better? EXAMPLE!!!!
A girl/guy breaks up with her/his boyfriend or girlfriend...Tht person can cry their heart out..trying to find a way to get back tht person,or trying to find the reason of why their bf/gf left em. Or they can see it in this perspective. "Why am I crying for? It's not my lost..It's his/hers. Because I lost sum1 who doens't love me or care about me..But HE/SHE lost sum1 that LOVED and CARED for him/her.It's their LOST! Not MINE!" Now..When u see it in this way..Wouldn't you feel silly crying over..practically..NOTHING??
My dad allowed me to go hang out with my friends for like many times already. But he suddenly realised tht it's not tht fair coz my other sibs din get to go out with their friends as much as i did. So he doens't allow me to go hang out with my friends anymore..(for the moment) I can go like WHY?! IT's THEIR PROBLEM! NOT MINE! or i can choose to see it like this...Hmmm..Ah well..At least i actually got to go out many times b4 this. And i wouldn't feel all tht bad. Instead this wouldn't affect me tht much.
I said this b4..Theres more to life than wht it seems..Take care y'all! God Bless! Make good choices! Ur choices determine for the worse or for the better. It's ur choice.

October 4,2006.
Oh Yesh...I've learnt...To appreciate the Every LiTtle or Slightest things people do for me in life...Like example..Sending me songs...Or finding out some stuffs for me..or just simply even taking the effort to say Hi...or Ask me how I am...It may be just a small thing..But hey..It does mean sumthing...And i do appreciate...So just wanna say Loadsa THank Euu's Too Most of all Sue Mei! My bestie...She's been like sending me songs and has been like doing alot of stuffs for me and all...I really love her LoaDs! U know...She like take up her precious time to go dwnload Songs for me..And online just to send me songs and all..She'ss been doing that for few years already! Muacks! Love uuuuu! I also wanna thank Beng Girl for all the songs you've sent me..TQ!!! For being there...For being APPLE! hahaha..CALVIN! Thank you tooooo for all the songs you've help me dwnloaded..especially all that TECHNO'ssssss...Boy u've really influenced me into techno ok..hahahaha...I din reli liked it that much b4..xD! And thanks 4 caring..=) Thanks for being there for me...And the Support u gave me though no one did at that time..hahahaha...
October 27,2006.

Ish...K Lah..Anyways,Went out for a movie with bro that day..Watched Stormbreaker..Not bad...kinda like Spy stuff and gettin revenge and all..Then on Wednesday..Study...Study and Study till 1am Plus...Yesterday was the same larh..Study,study study...
Then at Night my lil Bro fell sick..And EVERYONE is blaming me...I can't stand this anymore...Since My bro started practicing breakdance with me...Every single thing tht he does wrong or either he falls sick or whtever..I always get blamed..When its totally not my Fault...LIKE... OY! BLAME ME FOR WHT MAN....I din even do anything...I guess most probaly he fell sick was because he ate MILO..Yes...he ATE milo...Ur suppose to DRINK Milo...And he's sickness started with a stomachache...ISNT THAT SO OBVIOUS....They're saying he's sick coz of Breakdancing...And they said I...ME...CELINE YAP KAH MAY....asked my lil bro to diet....WHERE GOT MAN...HE is the one who wanted to go on a diet...I DID NOT SAY A SINGLE WORD..JUZ coz he think he is like becomin super chubby therefore he decided to go on a diet...Which i told him not to..But EVERYONE is thinking that I ASKED him too...EXCUSE ME PPL...Dun simply accuse if you don't know...FIND OUT FIRST than only accuse...@#$% Argh...I feel so like exploading...Its been so long...I've been taking all the blames..Though i dun deserve it...I've been just keepin it all in..And try not to say anything...BUT THIS IS THE LAST STRAW! I can't take this anymore...I'm alrdy on the Edge...And i'm About to EXPLOAD...
I have to take all the Blame for wht he chose to do...For all the choices he made...Even that day going out for a movie...I got scolded..Mom was like saying...Whts on ur mind? goin to the movies when there are so many ppl at the mall..LIKE HELLO? HE INVITED ME TO GO...I din suggest a single Thing...Darn it ...I even got scolded just because he spelt water on the sofa...IMAGine that...Wht was the excuse i kena scold? She said That he is to exhausted from the breakdancing thats why he spelt the water...GREAT...can u believe this..?! SO UNBELIEVABLE! IT SO DOENST MAKE ANY SENSE....AT ALLL! Gaaaaah!!!!!! I was so Frustrated that i din feel like sleeping and studied untill 2am..I know its crazy..I just needed that quietness for a while...Everyone was sleeping..therefore..There was pEACE...And i so treasured it..
But then again..If i think Back..Jesus went through the same thing..But he did not say a word..All the critic...and all the blames...When he did nothing but good...And he died on the cross to take away all OUR sins....not HIS...But ours...How FAIR is that? ITS NOT! ITS NOT ONE SINGLE BIT FAIR...Haihs...i guess i should learn from tht and just shut my mouth and just receive all that Sense-less blames ...All that blames which i do not deserve...It will be so hard...Haih..I need u Lord...Help me...Give me the patience...And just help me to not expload whenever i'm about too...
Hmms...Thank God for Blogs...And stress reliever place...A place to rant abt all the frustrations and just get it all out...Feel so much better now....If i din blog like now...Most probaly i would be down stairs exploading and letting it all out..AND FYI...when i expload i do NOT CRY...I dun cry easily okay...I'll just tell them thats they've crossed the line and all...But i will not do that...I'll just...Shut...And...Cool myself down with music or whtever...

January 6,2007 (15 years old)

Sometimes we don't realise how precious something is till it's gone. I wonder why..We wait for it to be gone and then only realise how precious it was. Theres no use regreting..or wishing to turn back time..But instead look forward into the future and learn from our mistakes. Sometimes we allow the slightest things in life to affect our emotions and daily life. DONT! When u feel down or depress..think about what other people around the world are goin through right now.And u'll then learn to appreciate the life ur living and the fact that u are stil LIVING. Never ever take anything for granted..and always..Always appreciate what u have. Especially people. They have feelings. And being taken granted for is sumthing very hurtful to sum1. therefore..APPRECIATE others..And others Shall Appreciate YOU!

Well anyways..I realise how almost EVERYONE is gettin so super stressed up about school. School..Is just another part of life. BUT theres more to life than just School darlings. Don't let whtever happened in School make u waste your Whole Day grumbling about it..or letting it affect ur mood for like the next few days. It's kinda like...Wasting ur time and ur LIFE. Why let a small thing tht happen in school bring us depression and all? Right?
Theres really more to life than tht friends..Whenever u feel like LIFE isn't being fair to u at the moment..Think of those who have to live in fear everyday because of war,Those who are the flood victims,those who are starving,hungry without any food,Those who have no Families And Friends to care and Love them. Yeah? Hugs! Chill aight? If u need to talk to me then feel free to let me know..=)
Alright..I guess thats enough for today.
Take care y'all! Hugs!
SELAH - pause and reflect, not look back, reflect.
*A dear friend reminded me abt this today.=)*
.Live Life to The Fullest.Appreciate.Nvr take anything for Granted.

February 15,2007

But no matter how much stress i feel..I would always rmb this.
"He is stronger in Me,Then He is In the World"
"I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me"

Yesh..This two lines keeps me going day by day..

March 31,2007

what can i say about it? can be the greatest thing tht ever happen to u..
But then again..Life could be taken away..
In an blink of an eye..Don't u agree?
And yeah..Theres cure for cancer..for all types of disease..
But theres no cure for death..
Theres nothing u can stop death..
It's simply God's decision and yeah..Theres nth we can do abt it..
God give us Life..but he can take it away from us too..
My greatest "-------" ..I'm sure..I know u'll always be rmbered..
People..Nvr take anyone around u for granted..
Coz u may nvr know when they'll leave you..
They may be healthy like crazy..but still..nvr take it for granted..
Yeahs? Ciaoz.

March 15,2007

Neways..I've come to realise..How GOD made all things in this world..Not being able to function without another thing. for example..A toaster is totally no use if there was no bread. The monitor of a computer is useless if not for the cpu. headphones are no use if not for music. cameras are no use if not for batteries. We cant clap if we only had ONE hand..we cant talk if we had no tongue. It just the same for people. I believe no one in this world could survive long..ALONE. All humans needs someone..a whtever..yeah..So true..=P


So yeah, If Young Celine could do it.. so can You..
=) I so love you young Celineeeeeeeee!
ahhh.. so happy i still keep all the old entries and have them..
they're so helpful.. =)

Have Fun Today and Go to sleep with a smile kay?

PS: sry. lol! for talking to myself in all my recent post. i really need them. haha. =P it weird i know.. i know im weird. =P but thats just me.... =]

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