Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Things Change.

things.. situations.. people..
change as time passes..
nothing can be the same forever..
it changes from time to time..

just had 2 bowls of soup..filled with bugs..
only realized tht there were bugs when i drank the second bowl.. =.=..
and i had chinese tea that was spicy.. O.o
whts with the food there today?

My old phone has finally died..
sam tong.. very sam tong.. T_T..
my precious precious smses!
they're gone...! sniffx.. =( ......
i always see my smses when im sad..
or bored.. and scroll through them before i sleep..
now i cant even access it anymore.. haihs..
it was working fine! better than before!
till today i tried to activate my mms..
the hotlink person sent me the settings..
i saved it.. off my hp for 5 mins like they told me too..
then on it back.. and boom!
cant access my media gallery..
cant access my sms.. cant sms.. cant receive smses..
only can call.. and receive calls.. sighs..

and now. it keeps restarting..
and hang.. =.=.........
ahh. my smses.. =(

guess .... like i said..
things never last.. =( sniffx...

had a not so nice day..
but i went to have a jog around my neighborhood just now..
feel so much better now..
thank Bb for accompanying me!
i made him come with me actually..
i went to him and said.. "faster get rdy leh! u promised to jog with me rmb?!"
actually he didnt.. =P i just made tht up..
lol.. then yeah he noe i kinda moody..
so he accompanied me.. =D
love you B.. serious.. =)

then felt so much better..
ran more than i usually do.. O.O
good good for me. =D

Hmm.. yeah.
thats all.

PS: i really miss hanging out with my crazieee friends.. =( sighs. miss those moments.

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