Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Often we hear people saying..
I wanna do this.. i wanna do that.. i wanna do this and that..

but how often do they actually make it happen or come true?
creating dreams are easy.
but making our dreams come to life is never easy.

The words tht comes out from our mouth..
can either change our lives..
or can be said for nothing..
the dreams that comes to our mind..
how often do we catch it and hold on to it till we achieve it?
hmm.. not many of us do that now do we?

haha.. so yeah..
my goals for this year.. well some of them..
I seriously wanna start breakdancing again..
i wanna start training again..

and i seriously want to enter more dance competitions this year..
seriously. and actually try to win some of them!
if can.. most of them! =)

but at the same time..
i must always remember that i have my AS exams in Oct..
so i need to rmb good time management.. =P

i've so many other dreams in mind..
i wan to improve my stamina in running..
i want to enter the terry fox run this year..
i'd love to enter the Penang Bridge run too!
but i wont be too ambitious.. hahaha..

So yep! these are my 3 goals at the moment. =P

And another thing..
you noeh.. when i go out too much..
people complain i go out too much..
when i dont wanna go out or leave the house..
people complain that i dont wanna go out..
ahh.. T_T So how now? humans are so complicating and confusing.


i cant wait for our upcoming dance competition!!
Lets go babeh!
cant wait to start pracs. =)

1 comment:

  1. CELINE YAP KAH MAY!!! OMG! i can't believe you actually spelt my WHOLE name OUT!!!! AARRRGGGHHH! I truly appreciate you a lot dear =) With that, lemme add some things:

    Dreams are created in order for you to push yourself, hence, positive stress =) However, there is a difference btwn pushing yourself towards the dream and stressing yourself to a point where the dream becomes... well, a dream. It's not gonna happen if you push yourself too hard cos you're gonna end up sick or dead or something like that. So yeah. Dreams are for you to achieve, not to just...well, dream!

    With that, I also end with:

    No matter what you do, your dear here will support you ALL the way =) Love you tonnes! Hugs and loves! <3