Tuesday, March 30, 2010

College. =)

Hello people! imma blog about college today. =)
As most of you already know..
to do my A-Levels in Law.. =)
Orientation started yesterday.. at 10am till 5pm!
And i had fun.. =) we were seperated into 6 teams..
and i became the team leader of my team.. =P
Then we had to do this.. War Cry for our team..
so i taught them some moves and a wave and guess wht?!
we got the loudest applause from everyone! hahaa..
even before we were done! hehehe.. =D
Mr.Kumar said we were creative and had originality. =D
hehehee. so yeah we got the highest marks..
yep.. Mr.Kumar is collecting marks.. so by the time..
orientation ends.. which will be this Friday..
he will accumulate the marks and the winners get smth.
haha.. so yeah man! had fun.
Yep! Picture of the class..

So this was the other thing we had to do. We had to elaborate on the word Success! and after that give one example of a person that is successful! so guess wht?! i talked about WILLIAM WILBERFORCE! =D

know him? he's an inspiration really. =) A great man!

go google him! =P
after i gave the talk about William's history.. the class was really encouraging! after i finished they applauded and cheered me on! hehe.. =) Mr.Kumar also said it was very inspiring.. coz i ended with a few words of wisdom. =P kekeke..
got some compliments that day. Hee. =D and a guy said i looked like a really funky girl? haha.. i wore.. jeans and a t-shirt..? *thinks* hmm.. =P

Wee! the E-SERIES famiwee!!! E63,E71 & E72!
hahaha.. Celine's,Kim's & Michelle's! =D

Haha.. i'm so glad kim is in the same college as i am! she called me to come out half way during orientation to bring me around and she intro-ed me to all her friends! hahahahaa.. she's so cute la... =PP so comel. hahahaha.. and she really take care of me de lerh! so glad to have my bestie and a jie jie to take care of me in college. =) Had lunch with all her friends.. =) and she teman-ed me till my dad came to pick me altho she was late for her business class!!

Today! Day 2 of orientation!
we had more activities this time..
alot of things to do with balls..
haha.. yes.. activities that made us use our brains..
to think! of solutions.. which involved balls..
=) got to know more people today! haha..
and i liked wht Mr.Kumar did. he made everyone stand in a big circle..
and to pick someone in the circle.. and tell them wht you like about them..
and pass the ball to them.. and yeah.. it goes on till the last person.
everyone must have touched the ball once..
so yep! it was really nice.. hearing wht ppl thought of others..
haha.. and yeah alot of them complimented on fashion..
but the guy.. this guy tht picked me when it was his turn ..
said smth really nice.. =)) He said he really liked how..
I present myself.. =) in dressing wise.. speech wise.. character wise..
and yeah.. =D hahahahaa.. awwwwwwww... =)
when he said tht everyone when crazy and i....
knowing me.. when i laugh.. or smile.. i turn red very easily..
thats why people calls me Tomato. hahaha..
and Mr.Kumar said i was blushing..
and the crowd went even more wild!!!
rawr! haha.. MR.KUMAR NOTTY! xD
but yes.. it was a nice activity.. =D
glad i got a sincere comment and not those comments where..
they simply say.. hey yo! nice shirt!
just coz they wanna sit down quickly.. haha.. =)
weeee~! =P =P =P
the girl first one.. small tiny one in pink is sheryl..
and the green shirt girl with the guy is me.. =P xD

yeh. thats all for now!
am really tired but im gonna go practise my dance nw! =P
serious. woke at 6am plus. fetch benroy to school..
went to Klang Lama with dad and had dim sum for breakfast with..
his colleague.. and got to college one hour earlier..
so i just sat there.. listen to my ipod..
and practise my competition routine in my head..
till 1 hour was up. haha. yes i tried to not bounce so much..
while practising in my head. hahaha.. =P

so yeah it has been a tiring but nice day. =)
4 days in a row of nice days! =)
me wan moreee! hahahaha.. =P

well u noe.. i'm still analyzing the cliques i should hang out with..
there are really a variety of them..
the nerdy ones. the crazy wild ones.. tht..May nt study. the quiet ones..
the loud ones! the english speakers.. the chinese speakers..
the rich n bimbo ones.. O.O who thinks their the hottest in college..
the weird ones. the.. classical and formal ones..
the uptight and the dun care ones. LOL.
hahaha yeah.. u noe.. we noe.. those typical..
college life.. where u find different types of cliques.

problem is.. i'm friends with all of them. HAHA.
so yeah.. when im with the quiet ones..
suddenly my crazy wild friends pull me away from there..
and then after tht i go back to the quiet ones..
and suddenly from crazy to.. *clears throat*Hmm.. So yeah..
where were we? lol..............
ahh i feel so.. weird.. and confused..
i dunno who to hang out with.. YET.
but im sure i'll find one .. =)
when class starts at least.

imma bathe now. =P



  1. Dear dear!!! Missing you tonnes! Anyways... I'm super happy to read that you are having fun in college. I'm sure I will not be the first to remind you or tell you this, but college is once in a lifetime! I have one very very simple rule:

    "Play hard, Work Harder, Pray Hardest"

    This is a time where you grow, you learn, you mature, you discover yourself. You need to make the most of this time. Do not get lost in the wilderness but learn the tactics of the jungle and come out of there a better person! Ok I seem to be quoting people but this is all coming out of my head. Just certain things I wanna tell you.

    Oh and most importantly? WO AI NIIII!!!! <3

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  3. hey, got another Qian! hehehehhe