Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I tell you right..

Whoa i tell you right..
Life is like some roller coaster shyt .. O.O

EVERY single time im friggin happy..
and gonna start afresh and forget abt the emo-ness..
Emo-ness comes back to find me.. O.O
Emo loves me at the moment. wont let go of me..
Stupid emo noob. go away la u.

tot of sleeping early tonight..
well.. coz im gonna have myself a kick ass day tmr!
but.. like..
as i was abt to go to slp.. abit sad.. but still alright..
humans..with much of problems arrive..
which soon becomes my problems too..
and lieeek... I cant sleep anymore..
And lieeekk.. its trying to bring me down..
and stop me from starting afresh..
and lieeek...

i really dunno but damn i feel good.
its not affecting me that much..
but then again.. its still a kinda like..
Huge ass problem that i cannot help to settle..
So Huge.. God.. You're the only one who can handle this now..
so i cant do anything else .. than to lift up these problems to you..
coz if u think u have a huge ass problem..
i remember that i actually have a friggin Huge-ER ass God. =D

but then again..
its so disturbing you noeh?!

And anyways. i will still try to slp earlier..
despite the tears that are coming out from everyones eyes now..
not mine tho. yay! *shrinks back* *ahem* so yes..
er.. yeah.. like tht. O.O?
oh my goodness i dunno whats wrong with me..
im lieeek some robot atm.. O.O

but still something made me sad as i was abt to sleep..
and i kept listening to..
Down To Earth by Justin Bieber..
still listening to it now..

Anyways..its no suprise how..

Sometimes when you love someone too much they tend to take ur love for granted. They also take You for granted. So maybe its time... i should start loving You less..

Goodnight World.

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