Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What a nicesh dayyyy.. =)

Had a really good day today! and yesterday as well!
Watched Rise of the Planet of Apes yday! been long since i've watched a movie.. =) and guess wht?! The popcorn people gave me a free Spy-Kids torchlight, siap with batteries! hahaha.. so cun! =D

and and and if you're wondering how the movie was..
IT WAS GOOD! =) although its quite .. whats the word? scary? ironic? Nah its just that at the start of the movie, the chimps were CHOOO CUTEEEE! but at the end they were scary and wild and dangerous. O.O! heh..i guess humans are equally the same! U can love someone so much and suddenly hate tht person SOOO MUCH! AND MAAAAN! i still have problems watching movies in GSC larhs.. dislikes! =(


GSC chairs gimme neck pains.. =(  and TGV popcorn beats all the other cinemas man! for real! =)

Sho anyways! today was a really nice day larh.. even though i had to run errands and get alot of things done today, felt like it was a super chilled day ! Everything done without pressure.. without having to rush.. and best part? i kinda like the fact that i did all of these alone today.. haha..for some reason.. felt so nice and at peace.. Some alone time for myself. =D AND GUESS WHAT?! i realized that as much as i love the IKEA meatballs, my capacity is only up to 5! i makan lunch at was super hungry.. decided to order 10 meatballs for the first time, tiba-tiba, by the 6th meatball, i was like.. "maaaaaaaaaaaan..~! why did i order 10?!" hahahaa.. i guess 10 is too much meat for me.. really.. Im not really a meaty person.. =P not too much.. i think i can survive without meat. SERIOUSLY. hahahaha..

and and and my car has been giving me problems, AGAIN. =( boo..
hope it wont be too extreme.. cant really afford it atm. =/
And to me friends.. YESSSSS i've been getting enough sleep larhs.. =)
dun worry too much! love u guys lots!


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