Wednesday, August 17, 2011

People come and go.

You know, i've been through so many happy and broken friendships.
So many. And i've even had the friendships where tht person became someone sooo important to me, that i'd always try my best to do whatever i can for tht person. where i sincerely cared,love and really treasured that person. But somehow, quite often, the scenario is such where..

Where when one party is soo nice to the other, the other takes tht person for granted.

Why isit always like that?

U tell me that You are really blessed to have a friend like me.
But after that, after that?
No matter how much i loved and dearly cared for you, i can only do so much. And in a friendship, it takes two. it hurts to see how distant we've become. and how closed we once used to be. But no matter how much i try, it will always take two hands to clap. even though we are not as close as we once used to be, I hope you know that I still do care and love you very much. And that i constantly watch over you, but that, You need not know.

God really bring people in and out of our lives all the time.
And He has definitely blessed me with so many more friendships in my Life.
so many more precious friendships in my Life.
As we move on, new people and friends come into our lives, but being the person i am, Such broken friendships, especially the ones who have really made a big impact in My life, or rather the ones who have secured that special spot in my heart would remain no matter how many new people or friends come into my life. maybe that is why the pain doesn't leave as well. Maybe they do leave, but a lil portion would remain still.

It is definitely a Joy when new friendships are made,
But it is a shame really, to the ones that did not last.

And this is Life.

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