Friday, August 19, 2011


Hello people! a really short update.

Sorry for the emotional entries lately.
I'm okay. It's just that, i've been deep in thoughts lately..
and i guess, many random things have triggered memories..
and thus.. the entries. but anyways!

just a short update about.. now?
Well the Scotch brtie ramadan project has been getting better =)
really, i really Thank God for every single day..
and it just gets better and better. especially the pass 2 days.
the pass 2 days have been soooo smooth and so good.
God is really Good. i cant imagine myself getting through this challenge all by myself.
He may not be here physically, but He has definitely place many blessings in disguise. ie: the team i work with. or the weather, etc.

So yup! its has been a good week! =D
and i'll be done with work, completely, by the 23rd of Aug, hopefully by then.
and my degree will start on the 5th of Sept. and to those who dont already noe,
i'd be enrolling in the LLB University of London course in BAC. still the same college.
but i'll be continuing in Law. =) so yeps!
gonna chill for 2 weeks before i start my degree.. =P
till then, i'm really loving my Job. i think i'm putting on weight! OH NO!
or not? i have no idea. but because i work at the Ramadan Bazaars, i'm always surrounded my FOOD! hahaha and it has been a fun week getting to know so much more about the Ramadan bazaars and the type of food they sell. stuffs i never knew existed. and all my team members always tease me because of my very limited knowledge on these stuffs. HMMPH! hahahaha.. but its good la to learn more. Better late than never! =P

my fav thing abt the bazaar for now. hahaa.. =D

have a great weekend everyone!

Oh, Btw,

God gave us all a freedom of Choice. And whether you want to believe it or not, You determine how your everyday goes. Its all about your own perspective of things.

Celine :)


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