Monday, August 15, 2011

=S !

Oooh ya! did i mention how much fun i had at sunway lagoon?!
haha will blog abt it soon!
i finally got to see a Swan, Owl, Fox, Bear, Ostrich , Crocodile, Skunk and many more animals in REAL LIFE! hahahaha so cool lah! i was so happy. i think i had more fun at the wild life park compared to the water park and amusement park! =) and i saw so many animals i never knew existed! it was a really cool experience.

and i also managed to feed the guinea pigs, a huge ass turtle! roosters , rabbits! AND I TOUCHED A SKUNK! mwahahahahaha! ahhh so cool so cool!

anyways tmr's gonna be a big day for me!
there will be media invites, like berita harian coming to take pictures or rather see how we work, wht we do and all those things to advertise or publicize this project in the newspapers. this means tht all the Bosses of 3M is gonna be there! Kan Ciongs! =S i hope things go well tomorrow, and i hope that i will noe what to do and all.

Lord, i surrender everything into Your hands. Please guide me and Lead me. I need You.


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