Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Done with work. =)

hello! these pass few days have been crazieee!
so busy with work and church and dance and so many other stuffs!
i have been lacking sleep and all.. but im fine! no worries! =)
And yesssssh! like the title of this entry, work is finally done with.

my jobs for the pass 2 months have been such awesome ones!
Mainly the Kleenex Roadshow and the Scotch Brite roadshow.
One of it? Going to primary schools everyday. And the other? going to ramamdan bazaars everyday! hahaha whats not to love about my two jobs?! the promoting for P&G and 3M were really stressful ones.. but i really thank God for allowing me to experience such awesome roadshows at work! haha.. =) and the best part? u travel around with the same team members every single day! and after a while, instead of work, it feels like a hang out more than work. AND YOU GET PAID! =D BUT of course, there are those Balik Kampung songs that i had to sing and danced to every single day, and repetitive stuffs that i had to mention everyday, but still, i've no complains about my pass few jobs lah. it has been a great journey.. with both the Kleenex team and the Scotch Brite team. =)

Dear Scotch Brite team members!
Jing Hui,Michael,Sam,Danny,Janet,
Thank you so much for being so patient and understanding.
Thank you for supporting me all the way even when i second guess my capabilities.
Thank you for all the encouragement and energy and smiles. =)
Thank you for respecting my decisions, and everything else even though i was the youngest among the rest of you.
Thank you for simply journeying with me throughout this Roadshow!
I couldn't have had a better team to lead and to work with. =)

So now that my working days are done with, for now..
This means that, CHILLING TIME BEGINS! =D
hahaha.. oh boyyy! i cant wait to pakai the bajus i've bought!
and the the the lovelay bags! weeeeee~~~! =))))
i miss the Shah Alam one weih.. the best one so far. haha.. aihs..
i had so much fun at the bazaars..! and my team had a great time laughing at me also. =.=!
but its okayyy, putting my muka aside, I was able to make them laugh n smile even when we were all so tired.. hahahaa.. good memories it shall be!

And friends! i'll be free only after 14th September though!
before that, i'd be pretty occupied with a few people.
Limited time to spend with them. =( Hope u understand!


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