Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pichas! :)

Pictures from August! :)
haha.. Tadaaa~! any idea what this is? This was one of the days where i had no time to eat breakfast and so i asked the mamak shop to put my roti canai in this plastic.. well, he was suppose to put a lil dull.. But.. yeaaaah.. hahahaa..BANJIR WEIH! i only managed to eat one packet.. jelaks! hahaha.. but yeah.. Its a good idea kay! =D

And and and and and! i finally got myself new sun glasses! and finally got one with Full 400 UV protection! =) And guess how much i got it for?! RM30 ni! its actually rm158 i think.. but coz there was this deal where You purchase spectacles from em and u can get and choose any shades in the shop for rm30! YES! ANY SHADES! regardless of the price! =) So yup! =D! got it in The Mines. 

Haha.. Kleenex days.. =) Zane and I ! :)
The last day of Kleenex! Michael and I =))!

KLCC's Park! never knew it was THAT HUGE! and never knew they had a dreamland of playgrounds! the playgrounds are HUGE! if i were a kid still, I'd be delirious! finally got to explore the park.. didn't know it was so niceee.. =) but desa park city beats the KLCC park tho.. =P

And this here, is the swimming pool at 3K! i've always heard about it.. bt i've never really been to 3K. finally got to see the place! How can people not love swimming?! ish.. swimming is so niceee.. so calming..

And this was one of the days when i was SUPER TOMATO! hahaha.. No idea why.. but i was super tomato the whole day.. Okay la i know i'm always tomato-fied but but but i was especially red that day.. haha..

And oh ya! i got this new pink baju from Padini! =) so happie! it was on sale, and i got it for a really cheap price! =D i finally have something very pink in my closet. =) 

And meet my couzie! Wai Kuen.. =)
And the pretty Joanne! =)

Haven't met up with them in 2 years i think! super long timeee! So glad we met up that day y'all.. =)

We went to The Apartment in KLCC.. Finally got to try the food in The Apartment! =) Honestly? I still prefer Chilis! didn't quite like the food there tbh..

Ahhh.. =) The pretty twin towers.. Come to think of it, i think this is the second or third time i've ever been to KLCC at night.. 

We spent the night walking around the KLCC park after eating.. haha walk off those fats! =P and chatting away.. Good times! :)

And guess where we headed to right after that?!


It was just a crazy idea of mine.. but in the end we ended up at look out point ! hahhaa.. oh maaaaan! the first and last time i went there was on my 18th birthday! =) Being the person who appreciates such views, i was all Smiles that night!! =)))))))

*dreamy face* =))))))))

*Slurrrps~!* Vanilla Shake! =D

Love this candid shot.. =)

Had a super great day that day! =) definitely a day to rmb! i had meatballs in the morning, bought pretty clothes from padini at rm9,rm13 ! had a nice time strolling the klcc park at night, finally tried the food at The Apartment, and manage to go to Look Out Point for the second time and this time, Had a better view! =)))

I slept and woke up with a smile that night! =))

And yet, another awesome saturday with the bestfriend! =))))

Brought her to Desa Park City again.. to see the super cute doggies and to see the sunset.. =)


Couldn't help but take a pic of this family.. =) what a nice sight.. =) paparazzi me! =P

Then we went to have some cooling stuffs after our mini picnic.. and i saw this poster and read out loud.. "HAVE YOU SHAVED?" and suddenly i went.. "Crap! wht did i just say?!" LOL! super weird LA! hahahahaa...

Vanilla oreo chocolate chip! =D

But it was okay only.. =S

Anyways, here is a sneak peak of half of my august.. =))  hope you enjoyed the pictures! =) nice places with such great people.
Blessed, I am.


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