Friday, August 12, 2011

And It is Officially, Over. =)

Yes, A-lvls has officially ended! =)
Got my results today, finally!
Honestly? not what i had hoped for. but Dont worry, I am contented. =)

I told myself that i know i worked hard for it. And whether or not i get the results i am hoping for, At least i know i've worked at it with All My Heart. And to trust in God. So Be it whatever He plans it to be.

Today i learnt a very important lesson from someone. A very good reminder i'd say.
Most of the time, we find it hard to appreciate whatever we have.
We forget how to be contented. Just like a race, Just like how the person with the bronze medal would be Over Joyed! while the person with the Silver medal would be Unhappy, with the thought.. " I could have gotten the Gold medal. I should have run a lil faster, i should have.... " and the list goes on.

Just like the rich and the poor.
How the poor, even with a limited amount of money, find themselves having a very hard yet, Happy life. How they appreciate life more than the rich. How they treasure.. whatever they have.. more than the rich. While most of the rich, constantly feel as if theres always something missing. Its just not enough. I'm not there yet. I need to get more. I feel empty. and the list goes on..

Just like a student, with A's, but not straight A's and a student who merely passed!
Yet, The student who merely passed Jumps with Joy, filled with thankfulness. While the student who Missed out on An A in getting Straight A's. or Got only One A, feels disappointed, sad, and unsatisfied.

Its ironic really. How we'd think the people who are better off are usually the happier ones. Yet, it seems to be the complete opposite. Heh..

When i saw a student, who have constantly failed for 2 yrs, and this time round, finally passed, jump for joy, scream his lungs out, Hug my lecturer, Kiss him even! he reminded me, to be contented with whatever i got. Not many people can be in the position i am in. And many would trade to be in my position anytime! I? I am like the person who got the Silver Medal. But i'm glad that God constantly sends me reminders to be contented with whatever i have.

So All Glory To God! because without Him, i could not have gotten what i have achieved. =)
He Blessed me with so many caring, supportive and loving family and friends and lecturers.
So heres a shout out to all of you whom have constantly supported me throughout this A-lvl journey.

Thank You so much for caring, for understanding, for loving me, for being there for me, for encouraging me when i doubt myself. I believe and see every single one of you as a blessing from God to Me. and i thank God for every single one of you. =)

Thank You So Much! for walking through this A-lvl journey with me.
Love You Guys. =)!

To all my A-lvl friends, I hope u can learn to be contented with whatever you got. It is done. And it is over. and there is no point crying over spilled milk. Instead, take this as a motivator to do even better for Your coming Degree or whatever you are about to enroll urself in. =) Remember, many would trade to be in the position you are in.
And now that a chapter has ended, A new one is Just about to begin.
So stop looking back, And move forward! Ale ale ale ~!

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  1. Oh yea! Result is just a key to go further. You go girl! C: