Thursday, August 04, 2011

Updatessss! =)

Hey readers.! just a short update.

Kleenex has finally ended. cant believe a month passed by just like that. And in another weeks time, results are coming out! anyways, it has been a great experience working with this team on the roadshow. i'm gonna miss hanging out with them. haha. yes, the team i work with was such a fun bunch till i didn't see the whole roadshow as work, but more like outings , with friends. =) i guess i'm just really happy that i allow myself to be exposed to all of these things starting from such a young age. Haha, yep. started working when i ws 15. =) some see it as cham, i see it as an experience, an exposure that i'm glad i went through. haha..u seriously meet all kinds of people. both good and bad.

sometimes, the people u meet can even become really good friends!
U never know what God has in store for you.
and so yeah! just wanna give a shout out to the team i've worked with. It has been a pleasure working and getting to know all of you. =) and interesting bunch i'd say. hahaa.. semua lain lain character one..

Zane,Michael,Rong Yi,Kim Lun, Janet, Ong and Peng Yew!
thanks for the great kleenex journey. =)

So now tht i'm done with this contract. I'm pretty much free. Up till the 12th. coz thts when i start a new roadshow. this time, its the 3M roadshow for the ramadhan month.. but its only for 10 days tho. =) really anticipating it.. hahahaa.. we'll be like the hitz cruisers travelling here and there, interacting with people and giving out free stuffs. gonna be a cool 10 days! =D and and and i just found out tht on the 8-10th! parents,lil bro and i.. we're gonna have a mini-hollie at sunway lagoon! Weeee~! =) mum won it. hahaha.. how cool is tht?! cant wait! =) gonna be an interesting week next week!

and ohhh ya! rmb how i've been talking about improving myself in the dance era ? well, after exams i planned to choreograph more dances and enter more competitions. to get more exposure. I asked for it, and now, i got it. a friend invited me to form a crew with her to join the F&N dance competition..gonna be up against crews tht r experienced and all.. now tht i've this opportunity, i somehow still hold back. and go , whoa, isn't this competition to high of a lvl for us? I really shouldn't. i should really just go for it no matter wht results we get. but still, deep down inside of me, i doubt my capabilities. heh.. ahhh.. I need to find that push in me again. to push myself to levels i think i cannot reach.

so yep! thts pretty much it. =)
Again, friends! i'm so sry if i've delayed our outing up till now.. =/
i promise i'll definitely go out with u guys.. sooner or later.
definitely will! u have my word on tht.
love u guys tonnes!



  1. Anonymous3:36 AM

    YK dropping by to echo the shoutout to the Kleenex crew!! Woohoo!! It was indeed an interesting experience working with all of u. :) and YK believes in KahMay and thinks she should totally go for it!! :))

  2. Awwww.. =) YK was here! hahahaa.. interesting betul kan? Met like super weird people.. but itu weird ppl memang cool one k. Special! ahaha.. =D i may just go for it.. =)))

  3. Anonymous2:41 AM

    Why does YK get the idea that the wierd ppl CY is refering to is actually YK? *smacks* Hahaha. =P Really so many interesting ppl la, and kids too!! :D If u decide to go for it, let me know k :)

  4. HAHAHAHA. i think KM was referring to none other than cykm herself. xD if i'd refer to YK.. it'd totally be sesat instead of weird man. Hahah.. FOR SURE. AHAHAA.. =D yeshhh! aiyohh the kids super cute lah.. =) so happy i've pictures with/ of them. <3 hahaa.. i'll let u noe this friday yk! =))