Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Reason, There must be one.

You know, today, i realize something.
Whenever someone doesn't want to do something, or wants to do something.
People around never fail to question, WHY?
And for their logic, there MUST be a reason why we want or dont want to do something.
And when you give them the answer, No reason. Because i just want to. Or because i dont want to. and then they'll start going, ahh please. I'm sure theres a reason why.

My question is , Why?
Heh. Yes why? why must there be a reason for every single thing that we want or do not want to do? and even if given an answer, Why cant 'because i want to' or 'because i dont want to' be the answer? Why isit that the human mind always believes that there is a motive behind every single action? i know it is quite normal or common among us humans.

but sometimes it can be quite hurtful though. =/
hurtful in ways when u hear the things or the reasons people think Why ur doing what u r doing. or what you dont want to do. and it gets to you when those reasons are completely non-related, at all.

and most of the time, the reasons people think of, or the motive people think of are usually negative ones. To put it in simple terms, It is as if someone was accusing you of doing something you did not.

it is that kind of feeling. Sighs. =(
And especially when such remarks are made by people whom you thought understood you. After those remarks u'd second guess them. "Oh wait, turns out you dont quite get me huh?" so thats the second part that gets to you.

True, No?
Try and observe.
You'll see.


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