Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Special day. =)

Today, 28th August 2011 is a special day to me.
It marks the day Kimberley Ong Jing Ling came into this world 20 years ago.
It marks as well, a friendship that is dear to my Heart. The special number 2!

Dear Twin,
19 December 2004 was the very first day i met you.
The very first day you came into my Life.
And eversince, I've never once regretted your presence in My Life.
When people ask me what a best friend is to me, I tell them one word, Kim.
You twin, you're the true definition of a best friend in my vocabulary.
Looking at how close we are right now, Just leaves me speechless.
Because what we have right here, is Amazing.
Distance did not affect us. It only made us closer.
We both started this friendship with the same thought, "Momentary."
I guess we both thought wrong. =)

Nuff said.
Happy, Blessed Birthday Kimberley Ong Jing Ling.
I Love You. =)

2 , And many more to come.! =)
Only God knows what the future will bring, And only time can tell.
But whatever the future may bring, I know for sure that this was no coincidence.
And I thank God for that. =))

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