Saturday, August 13, 2011


hey people. today was my first day leading the team on the Scotch brite roadshow..
It was.. Bad la. i think it was super fail.
First, and the main thing was that it was so hard to gather a crowd.
DEFINITELY, not what i had pictured in mind.
*ting!* there goes another reminder not to have such expectations.
i mean, i'm giving out FREE stuffs that would cost u if u were to buy them.
But apparently, FREE stuffs dont really attract people nowadays..
coz of the so called "Free" things in the world nowadays.. pfft..

Second, .. ahh u noe wht.
it was just a difficult first day and the weather didn't help one bit. It was dark and it rained. and everything had to stop. Ahh. i just really hope that tmr would be a better day..i really do.. It's different because i am leading this team. Of course the weight of responsibility would make me feel this way when things dont turn out well.

But i'm really glad i had someone to support and encourage me today.
Thanks alot for the comfort and hugs! it meant seriously alot. =))

U know, recently i've been getting alot of calls and texts from friends all over. From Aussie, from JB, from many places. and i cant help but feel SOOOO blessed! I mean, a text from them asking how i am already means alot. What more a call? I even got a text from a friend in Aussie congratulating me about my results. How sweet can they get?! I've no idea how so many people know about my results, its like spreading like wild fire! i get so many text and msges congratulating me abt my results.. and i ask myself.. Wow. hw did u know? haha i seriously dont remember telling that many people. O.O

But anyways, i just want to thank all of you for being such awesome friends.
Seriously, the thought of knowing that I have friends that never fail to put in effort to keep themselves updated on how i am and to just keep in touch, Makes me feel like I am being showered by blessings from God, and these friends? They are the blessings from God. They are my gifts from God. ;)
Thanks you all! to whoever that have been calling and texting.. and just keeping yourself updated about my life.  I just wanted you to know how much i appreciate every single one of you and I'm sorry if i have been too busy for you..

But do know that Each and everyone of you are important to me, like i said above, You are like gifts from God that He has showered me with, =)


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