Monday, August 08, 2011

Going Back Just a Little. =)

Hellooo! =)
So rmb the maybank fair?

It wasn't a very pleasant experience. but a good exposure indeed. Haha. gosh..went through so much headache.. and my car didn't help improve the situation at all.. But Thank God for people like..
MC! =) I was able to pull through.. =)

Taken during our break.. haha.. Anyways yeah, he was super super helpful on the first day.. and he was just so helpful lah! whenever he saw me touching a box, he'd immediately come to me and say, need any help? wht can i do? I mean, which team leader wouldn't appreciate such team members?! and he really helped me alot in the stock calculation area.. Thanks alot aagain MC! i was really blessed to have u as a team member.. =)

Looked at my tireeeeddd eyeeeessss.. stresssful treats fair!

And here is Zaki! another person i'd like to thank! hahaha..he was incharge of the terminals tht we were using.. and for some reason, my booth had SO MANY TERMINAL PROBLEMS LAH! and so, i visited him,bug him ALOT ..And i mean.. ALOT.! hahaa.. but he still came and help me with a smile every single time.. =) after bugging him so many times, we became friends. xD he constantly visited my booth himself after that to check if everything was alright.. =) he also reminded me how to smile, to always smile regardless the problems we are facing. =)

Suzanne! dear suzanne, u were also a great big help to me. and super ting hua de member weih! whtever i say, she follow, she listen. eventhough she's older than me.. she still respected me alot. she's super hardworking as well.. =) blessed to have u too! not forgetting yi xian, ah hao and pinky. =)

And also, i finally went out with the couple. =) Got to know calvin so much more, and got to show them around 1utama.. hahaa.. i CANNOT believe that they've never been to 1utamaaaa! O.O! but yeah it was great being their guide. hahaa.. =)

Dont you think this flower is like, so unique? and special? yet peculiar? haha. God's creation. =) 

We went to the Secret garden! =) im sure many of you have not visited this place, have you? hahaa.. if ur a nature person like me, u'd love it. =) I'll bring you there one day if you wantt.. =D

and at 4pm they had to ciao coz they had something in church.. and kim came! =)

What more can i say? The best friend. and i mean it when i say, Best Friend. =) We dont need no shopping complexes to have a great outing. Just each other's presence, and we'd have the outing no shopping complex can. That's what i call a true outing. that's what i call really spending time with each other and hanging out with the person instead of the shopping mall. ahaha.. =) ILY KOJL!

SWI SHA! =)!

Gonna miss you so much when you leave for UK.. =(

And this was the saturday when we found out tht she got the King's College Scholarship! =) haha..she ironing my dress. =.=! x) *hugggs!*
Brought her to desa park city.. =)
haha.. u see, she LOVES doggies! and every dog she saw at desa park city.. Her excitement was expressed through squeezing my hand like, REAL TIGHT! hahahahahaha.. but muka steady ni.. =.= hahaha..ohhh twin.. =)
And then we went to 1utama for dinner! =)
Yep! we went to chilis! we shudn't have ordered the chips. HAHA. tooo muchhh foood mannnn! untill we had to cancel our dessert! but i'm so glad we had a good laugh during dinner. i wonder how we looked like from the other table's punya angle. LOL. Twin times are always good times.. =) love love love you!

And someone surprised me with this! =) it's from Sarawak.. =D!
See the pockets so cuteeeeeeee!!!!! ^.^

And i got this Sarawak cake as well! =)

Thanks for bringing back a piece of Sarawak for me.. =) Really appreciate it. the thought especially! *smiles!*

So yup! 
am i blessed, or AM I BLESSED?! haha.. and..
hahaha.. going to sunway lagoon.. Ohh yeah baby! =D!


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