Saturday, August 27, 2011



I just watched THE DARK KNIGHT!
and guess what?! IT WAS LIKE.. TOTALLY AWESOMEEEEE!!!!
Ahhhhh~! i cant believe i've waited this long to watch such a GOOD MOVIE!
Now i understand why everyone was so crazy about it when it was out in the movies!
it TOTALLY deserves such attention and craze!

The plot, the graphics, the ACTORS and ACTRESSES! ESPECIALLY THE JOKER! ohhh maaaaaaan! He was soo.. soo.. sooo.. BELIEVABLE! I cant believe still that He is the same guy who acted in " 10 Things I Hate About You " ! The way he talks, the way he wets His Lips as He talks.. MAAAAAAN~! hahahaa... oh boyyy.. I totally deserved that look from you when i told you i didn't watch DARK Knight before Yin Kuen. =)

Terima Kasih banyak-banyaks!
For getting me to FINALLY watch The Dark Knight.
I applauded the minute the credits started rolling..
even though i was alone.. and it was 2am.. and everyone else in my hse was asleep. HAHAA..

oh goshh.. How refreshing! No offense, but honestly? I've not come across such good movies recently. The current movies are Nice, but not good enough to go crazy over!

Two thumbs up! Three even! if i had three.. =P
=) TO EVERYONE ELSE OUT THERE, if you have NOT watched this movie, Anticipate the "Look" from me!


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