Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Iron Lady.

So I finally got the chance to watch " The Iron Lady " and from a personal point of view? I'd give this movie a 8/10.

It was such a good movie! and Meryl Streep, she was.. SPLENDID! Just splendid!

Thought this was a good movie to watch because it relates to one of my current subjects, Public Law, which i honestly am not fond of. But it was definitely cool seeing the cases or situations that i've learned being revised all over again through a form of a movie. haha. so much more interesting if you'd ask! Now public law suddenly seems more interesting than before. Hmm.. the wonders movies can do. =P

But seriously, I'm really happy that i managed to catch it before it went off the screens. Definitely a movie worth watching. Especially for all you ladies out there who believes that a woman can do just as much! 

It was very painful seeing her pack up her husband's belongings. Probably the saddest part of the movie for me. Maybe because I'm such a sentimental person, packing up all those belongings would've probably been the hardest thing i'd ever have to do. Such a painful process. =( Can't actually imagine myself throwing away  or giving away belongings of a loved one. =( ... i'd probably try to keep them with me for as long as I can. Sighs.

Meryl streep, you did well. You successfully managed to get all teary at that part. Something that rarely occurs. heh.

GO WATCH IT! If you have the chance to.
I doubt you'd regret watching it.

On a side note, my fear of people breaking into my house has clearly not subsided. Dont laugh at me.
As i was upstairs.. i suddenly heard the sound of the gate as if someone was trying to unlock the it. "Hmm.. Ban Ho must be back from school.. " So i went down the stairs to bring in the clothes that was hanging outside. As i went down the stairs, the wooden door which i closed properly when i got back suddenly opened as if someone was on the other side of the door, waiting to come in. I was waiting to see my brother step into the house or say something.. but as I approached the door, i saw no one and heard nothing. " Oh.. there's no one there. O.O.. Weird.. heh.. " *still thinking, i sat on the sofa to try and deduced what just happened* "Hmm...maybe i didn't close the door properly and the wind blew it open.." Still lost in thoughts, the phone suddenly rang. *startled* Ran upstairs to answer it. "Hello..? " *silence* "Hello..?" *silence still* "Hello........? " *whoever that was on the other line hung up*

Me: Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. *feeling pretty creeped out* Then i became all paranoid and scared. So i straight away texted a close friend and asked him to pray for me. yesssshhhhh. =(( 

dunno laaaah. eversince the break in i always had this feeling that even my own house, a place i call home is not safe and can be intruded easily. rawr. dont worry anyways. Brother is home now so i'm feeling better.


Thanks For Callinggg. =)

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