Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Coz I've got You.

I wont deny how stress i've been feeling.
But stress hit me hard yesterday night.. and the whole of today as well..
i'm at that stage again. Exactly where i was about a year ago.
Asking myself the same questions.
but the only difference?

Last time, i was worried about what IF... etc etc etc. i could've done something.
Now, theres no more IF already. I'm already IN the situation  and theres nothing left for me to do, but to be responsible and to stick to the path i have chosen.

For me, once i've decided on something, i will stick to it no matter the consequence.
I say what I mean and i mean what I say.
And since this is the path i have chosen, whether i like it or not, i will have to stick to it through thick and thin. Theres no turning back once you're in.
And so, i will, i will stick to this path that i have chosen.

Though, i wont deny my true feelings and emotions about whatever I am currently going through right now. Sighs.. =(

Why am i here? What am i doing here? Why am i doing this? Why didn't i listen and run? Is this the life I want?

Questions, from the bottom of my heart.
Sighs. You brought this upon yourself cykm. You chose this, you did this.

On a side note, what i've been worrying about has finally come to light. I saw this coming, but i tried to close my eyes, wishing it'll just somehow, take a right or left turning to another path. I tried to bury myself in denial but it was only a matter of time till it finally arrived. And theres nothing i can do about it. Yet again, another helpless, hopeless situation. Well of course, who am I to even for a second think that any of these was ever in my reach.

As down, low and hopeless as i currently feel.. it is a joy to have someone close to the heart telling you that.. " It's okay, You've got Me. "

And together, we'll run this race.. :) 1437.

I love you.

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