Sunday, March 04, 2012

Dear Amma.

Just now, i had the opportunity to pray for my grandma. I've not prayed for my grandma out loud for quite a while. i usually do it in silence.

she's going through alot now and its taking its toll on her health.
Though i was really terrible at praying in chinese.. i'm glad at how willing and open she was when i said i wanted to pray for her.

and after i finished praying for her.. she said something that i never want to forget.

She said..

" I will see you graduate and become a lawyer.  I will be at your graduation and see you wear your mortar and robe. "

that simple line meant alot to me because we had this conversation before and she'd always say "aiyah, dont talk so far ahead lah. Im not even sure if i'll be here still when you graduate."

so you can understand how much that meant to me. =)

during these rough times, i am seeing instead the sunshine of the whole situation.
I am seeing God move in my family.
Something that always seemed so impossible.

You are truly the God who reigns over any impossibilities.


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